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What’s in a name?

How important is a name?

In America you are judged 90% by association and 10% by participation, so the name you are given is even more important than your actions.  You are no longer the sum of your productivity, but rather the sum of your “weaknesses”.  In other words, if step in the  American public eye, and your name associates you with a negative image, Americans will judge you wholly on that association and not your accomplishments.

To understand that statement take a look at our current President.

Barack Hussein Obama

It would only take 30 seconds of Google research to verify his religious affiliation.  So why then do 20% of Americans believe that President Obama is Muslim?  Simple.  Americans get their news from entertainment channels like Fox News.  Fox News is broadcasting the following mis-information:

1)  President Obama is a Muslim

2)  President Obama is not a natural citizen.

3)  President Obama is anti-american

Once this information gets into the heads of Americans it becomes fact because of they way they were brought up to view the news.  With one shred of circumstantial evidence and the constant feeding of mis-information, Americans bite on complete lies with little or no supporting evidence.

In other words, Americans never look for the right solution, they always look for the easy solution.

“Hey his middle name is Hussein, that’s a Muslim name”


“Hey, I heard Rush Limbaugh say that President Obama is really a Muslim”

That’s all it takes.  Now President Obama is a Muslim in the eyes of those mentally deficient Americans.  Unfortunately America is made up of 90% mentally deficient people.  Those who have traded independent thought processes for spoon fed propoganda.

This same process is what landed our troups in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and Korea.

This same process is what has our children facing an broken education system and a job market that is built on dreams rather than facts and priciples.

This same process is what has the vast majority of Americans in churches worshiping a god that they know nothing about.

Lastly, this is the same process that makes Americans feel as if they are a “superior race” (even though American is not a race) over the rest of the planet.

So choose your child’s name wisely.  You live in a predjudice, intellectually deficient, and violent country.  Your child’s life may depend on your choice of name.

Don’t believe me?   If you want to see American bigotry and hatred in action visit :  www.conservapedia.com


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