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Epression : The Expense of a Poor Education

Some call our current economy a”mini-depression, while others call it a severe recession.   Neither of these descriptions gives you the reason behind our current economic woes.  America is in an Epression (An economic depression caused by inadequate education).

We are deeply mired in problems caused by the strict censorship and an evolutionary stranglehold (pun intended) on our education system.  The school system is obsolete.  Our methods of teaching no longer adequately educate the child.  We are falling farther and farther behind the rest of the world.  If you calculate IQ as the success of education, we are 19th in the world with an average score just below 100.  Other rankings found at Wikipedia World Rankings Page show that we have become an average country in most economic and educational rankings.

How does that lead to our current economic woes?  Our precipitous drop from #1 is a direct result of indoctrinating children rather than teaching them.  The generation of children idiots is now the generation in power of our country.  We are suffering from bad decisions, paranoia, and violent behavior that is a result of a severe lack of education.

When did this trend start, and how did it cause an Epression?   The entire decline of the educational system in America can be traced to a single choice in which America chose to restrain education.  When we as a nation decided to teach myths as truths and pass laws against teaching certain scientific facts, we turned our backs on education.

It was the 1860’s when Evolution was first discovered and documented by humans.  By the 1870’s it became widely accepted due to the excellent geological and live evidence to support the theory.  Some nations embraced the idea as a sign of human evolution to a higher state of understanding and awareness.  America did not follow that thought pattern.  America fought against the idea of teaching Evolution in our schools.  In fact, in 1925 several states sought to outlaw the teaching of evolution because responsible teachers were telling the children about what the rest of the world knew, even though Christians were trying to hide it in our country.

It was not until the late 1960’s that the Supreme Court required that Evolution be given “equal time” with creationism.  To this day, no all states have complied with the Supreme Court ruling.   Those that have dilute the truth of evolution with the fraudulent and unscientific “intelligent design”.  If you notice on the map below, published by the Scientific American, you will see that many states still poison the children with fairytale history lessons.

The fight against evolution is the tell tale sign of a school system that is indoctrinating instead of teaching.  American schools have bowed to the pressure of a few superstitious people and have created a school system that is turning out confused, misinformed young adults.

In addition to putting false statements in the heads of our youth on the history of our species, they have also created classes that misinform about human sexuality, and even our own national history.  Our sex classes teach that homosexuality does NOT occur naturally.   It teaches that women are supposed to marry and that men are supposed to work.  It establishes the traditional roles of the family and leaves out any information for teenagers who do not want the traditional family.  While the rest of the world teaches about all options and scientific discoveries, we are still teaching that  “Leave it to Beaver” is still the only valid model of life.

Our history classes teach children that America has always been the good guys.  We may have had some bad times, but we were always the good guys.   What about slaughtering the indigenous population?  What about enslaving a foreign population?  What about the racism and sexism in the American workplace?  None of these are taught in our schools.  While the rest of the world teaches about the horrors of the past, American schools are leaving the bad parts out and condemning our young generations to repeat the same mistakes.

All you have to do is look at the statistics of young women and mathematics.  As soon as young women reach the age of sex education and indoctrinated into the “mother and wife” role in life, their mathematical test scores drop significantly.  What is the response of our school system?   Graduate them and move onto the next class of students.  What happens to the graduated students?  They go on to be our business and national leaders.

We are in the middle of an educational depression.  Our only hope of getting out of it is the Internet.  Our schools will not change their curriculum any time in the near future.  Most kids are going to the Internet for the truth.  American schools are seen by our younger generations as no longer being relevant.  They are going there to learn basic mathematics and English.  Science classes are not to be trusted.  Health classes are a joke, and history classes are outright lies.  Hopefully they will be the ones to end our horrible track record on education and change things for the better when they take power.  Until then, welcome to the Epression!


  1. sep780
    December 29, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Was that map in an issue of Scientific American & if so which issue?

  1. August 27, 2010 at 11:11 am

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