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Perfected Propoganda : America’s ignorance : New York Mosque

The combined population of Al Qaeda AND the Taliban, as a percentage of the Islamic community is very close to  the population of the KKK as a percentage of the Christian community.


The death toll for Americans by the terrorists who claim Islam as there religion is in the thousands.   The death toll for Islamic civilians in the Middle East who were killed by American troops claiming Christianity or Judaism as their religion is in the millions.


You are a complete slave to the propoganda machine.  You actually believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ and that Islam is the evil empire.   You believe that there is a battle between Islam and Christianity that will end the world soon.

Moron.  It was only 30 or so years ago that the evil empire was Russia.  Our only interest in the Middle East was oil.  Remember Communism and the absence of religion in Russia?  Remember how they were going to cause the end of the world?   I remember all the preachers talking about “The Bear from the North” as it was revealed in Bible end times prophecy.  They all swore it was Russia.  They all swore the end was near.

I remember when they all talked about the world coming to end before the year 2000.   All our leaders believed that the last of the Israeli generation that were alive at the time of the creation of the nation of Israel would live to see the return of Jesus Christ.

Israel became a nation in 1948.   So the youngest of that generation is now 68 years old.  It is only a few more decades until that prophecy is proven incorrect, just like all the rest of the prophecies and all the government warnings.   You have accepted AND FULLY ENDORSE everything you see on television.  You believed all the words George W. Bush told you during his tenure in office.  You are an advocate for the U.S. propaganda machine, and no more understand the truth about our planet and the humans on it than Rush Limbaugh.


You are living in a world created just for you.  Tailored specifically to the paranoid teachings of your public schools, and to the high pressure family life that is a result of the workplace and superstitions.  You believe things that are ridiculous to the rational person.

The example for today is the proposed New York Mosque near Ground Zero.  Remember the percentage I mentioned at the start of this article?  The Taliban and Al Qaeda are just one of the enemies of humanity on our planet.  The KKK is just as violent and socially unacceptable.  The propoganda that you have internalized has changed you from a freedom loving American to a violent, paranoid schizophrenic.  The entire globe is afraid of us and we are happy about it.  The entire world thinks we are inhuman and we are still not moved to change.  What has become of my country?  Are we so weak that we have given up what our forefathers worked so hard to achieve?   Is this really the end of America and the start of a new Theocracy?  Stay tuned, this change is going to happen quick.  Somebody write a goodbye song to our great country as the last of our freedoms sink below the waterline.

Help, I am ITIA

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