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The most beautiful thing in the world.

I am known by the stereotype of the wanderlust.  Born and raised as an Army brat that lust for seeing the new and wonderful was instilled deep in my being.  No, I am not the most traveled person in the world but I like to think that I am the most attentive tourist on the planet.  In my search for beauty I think that I have taken in the breath of more types of beauty than any other human that has ever lived.   So without further delay, let me give you the insight on the most beautiful thing in the world.

I have seen the canyons of the southwest United States.  Their gold, brown, orange, and black colors when contrasted against the green of an occasional bush, and the vast expanse of the blue sky is breathtaking, but it is not the most beautiful thing in the world.

I have seen the mountains of Europe.  The Zugspitze, Baden Baden, the French Alps and the alpine meadows have colors and textures that can be seen no where else on the planet.  The thin crisp air and the feeling of incredible cleanliness all add to the beauty of the experience to the point at which you are forced to sit with a cup of hot cocoa and just stare at their awesomeness.   The images ingrain themselves on your mind, but it is not the most beautiful thing in the world.

I dove into the warmth of the Caribbean sea.  I swam in waters so unique in their hue of blue that I could not tell where reality stopped and my imagination took over.  The sun boiled as it hit the water at sunset and sent billions of diamonds scurrying across the waters surface.   Just as the darkness took hold another bright light in the form of a full moon quickly chased it away.   The diamonds of the sunset returned, but instead of the fire within the diamonds, they changed to flawless crystals dancing in the moonlight.  It seemed like heaven but it was not the most beautiful thing in the world.

It was only this year that I finally found something that topped them all.  Something so beautiful and breathtaking that there is not really any word or phrase to describe the beauty.   What is this thing?   It’s you.  I am not being funny or sarcastic.   I am also not guessing, being gracious, nor am I wrong.   You are indeed the most beautiful thing in the world.

This year I learned that the phrase “all things are possible”, is not correct.   In fact all things are reality.  All possibilities actually happen.  Every time you make a decision, every possible outcome happens.  That means that every possible version of you actually exists!  I only see the image of you that I want to see.

If you are fat, then I know you from your eating.  In reality, however, only some versions of you are fat.

If your body is broken or twisted, I know only what I see in front of me.   The truth of your beauty is hidden not by the way you look, but rather the way you look to me.

If you are emotionally broken, hateful, a liar, or even a murderer, all I see is your crimes in my reality.  The beautiful you is completely hidden from my view.

You can understand the concept by re-examining the things I mentioned above that I considered beautiful on this planet.   The canyons of the United States have have scorpions, which I personally do not find beautiful.  If my focus is on the scorpion, the canyon does not seem beautiful.  If I step back and see only the canyon as a whole, and not focus on the scorpion, then I see the beauty.  The alps of Europe contain the bones of fallen mountain climbers.  I see no beauty in human death, so if I focus on the corpses I do not see the beauty of the mountains.   The Caribbean seas contain some of the most deadly jellyfish in the ocean.  I find them hideous.   So when I focus on the poisonous jellyfish I do not see the awesome beauty of the sea.  The only reason I missed your beauty is because I was focusing on the the finite instead of the infinite.

The second reason why I am sure that you are the most beautiful thing in the world is my new understanding of reality.  There is no me or them, only you.  You are the bright star in the center of your universe.  Your interaction with me, even if it lasts a lifetime, is a completely distorted view of who you are and how beautiful you really are in your universe.

I knew before writing this that you would never believe me.  I don’t blame you.  I too have been taught complete lies about beauty.  I have also been taught the fairy tale word “ugly”.  My eyes will never really see the beauty in you, but not seeing does not mean that I don’t believe.   The science of the universe has proven to me that your existence is a thing of beauty.  The life within you, the intelligence you exude, and the creative force that is trapped within you all scream of beauty even if I am blind to it.

So please accept my apology for being so narrow minded, self centered and blind.  I never really saw you until now.  You are so beautiful that it takes my breath away every time I even think of you.

So start loving yourself more than you do now.   You are so beautiful.  Start taking credit for it.


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