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Ugly is a fairy tale word.  It only exists in the minds of those who accept it as reality.

Ugliness as a word was created by those who feel superior to the thing they are looking at.  Something that is ugly is actually something that is less beautiful than you.  Ugliness is a definition in a world of competition.  It does not really exist on its own if competition is not part of the equation.

For me to even suggest this implies that I myself am ugly.  You have been programmed so completely to put things in order that you are blind to true beauty.  Your defense mechanism forces you to think of anyone who defends the things you consider ugly as ugly themselves.

Once you have ended your insane belief that you are “more beautiful” or “more valuable” than another human being, you will automatically and naturally stop seeing ugliness.

I have reached this point and accepted the belief that we are all equal.  I no longer see the ugliness that haunts you.  I see only beauty.   I sit in amazement that my eyes are telling my brain the details of what I am looking at.  I know for a fact that the interpretation of my eyes is simply a compilation of all the lessons taught to me by those who were part of my life as I grew from a child to an adult.  It is no more reality than the man on the moon.

So live life seeing the beauty.  Live life in amazement of the interpretation of the signals from your optic nerve that controls your vision.  Live with fascination of the nerves on the rods and cones in your eyes that give you a unique perspective to the color and brightness of every object you lay eyes on.   No one else sees that thing in the same way that you do because no set of eyes interprets the vision in the same way.


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