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Glenn Beck : Humility cometh after the fall.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when Glenn Beck and his publicist Matthew Hiltzik met after the failed rally on 8 28.

To pull only 50,0000 people to a rally after a nationwide ad blitz and tens of millions of dollars worth of Fox News airtime is a show of real weakness.  Yes there were 90,000+ people at the 8 28 rally, but how many came to see Palin?  How many were  there protesting against Beck?   Glenn had to feel defeat.   Glenn had to feel like he stepped over the line of the mainstream audience and into the realm of cooks and crazies.

I have accused Glenn Beck of being many things, but I have not and will not accuse him a being a bad businessman.  This weekends failed rally was not his first failed event.  In his shock jock radio days at WFLZ (93-3 FLZ) he learned how to step back from failure and return to the good graces of his main audience.

Yesterday, Glenn Beck began the process.  His demi-god boasts the weeks prior to the event disappeared.   The “Something big is going to happen”, “This is going to change America”, and “We are going to restore honor” have all left his vocabulary.  He is now in regroup mode.   We now see a calm, semi lucid Glenn Beck stepping backward with humility to try to regain his status as a leader at Fox News.  After all, this cannot be considered anything but a catastrophe by the executives at Fox News.  With all the money they invested in this rally, they are bracing for what will surely be a decline in the failed leader’s audience.  America does not tolerate a loser.  As Glenn himself would say, “win or go home”.

The signs of the retreat are fresh from Glenn’s mouth on Sunday.

1)  Apologizing for calling the President of the United States a Racist.  He said this months ago, but is just now apologizing.  There is no truth to the apology, just an acknowledgment that his American audience does not approve of his public bigotry.

2) Embracing Jon Stewart’s ruthless sarcasm and saying, “He should write me a check”.  Understand this, Glenn Beck hates Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.  These two comedians are exposing him nightly as a fraud.  For him to embrace them is a sign of “gathering the wagons”.  Glenn Beck is looking for them to get off his back while he regroups.  There is no better way to stop a war than to befriend an enemy.  Glenn hopes his olive branch will lessen their abuse of his failed rally this coming week.   (Not likely)

Watch for a more low key Glenn Beck in the upcoming weeks.  He and his publicist will be licking their wounds from this weekend’s failed rally.  Look for him to step away from Sarah Palin, moderate his ties with the Tea Party, and stick to his bread and butter attacks on Democrats as the method for regaining his composure and limit the damage from the rally.


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