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The Republican Party Ceases To Exist

A group of people in a Democracy cease to be a “political party” when they stop accepting the will of the majority of the voters. The Republican Party has evolved into a movement towards Theocracy and will not honor any losses due to their belief of divine dominance. After all isn’t it “God’s Will” that Republicans win every election and “The work of the Devil” when Democrats win? That is really what they believe. It is eerily similar to the ideals of the Taliban and Al Queada about ignoring the will of the populous and forcing their ideals on them.

From my experience it is very easy to upset the conservative right in America. They have been taught a prudish behavior that if anything conflicts with their “Ward and June Cleaver” view of the American life, they should object strongly. They are also prone to irrational fears. Their belief system only allows the existence of friends or enemies. There is no middle ground. While Democrats will tell you that they are Democrats for specific and relevant reasons, the response from Republicans is typically, “I hate Democrats”, “I hate liberals”, or “If you not a Republican, your a socialist”. This is the first hand testimony that the members of the Republican party have zero tolerance towards anything “different”. Anything different is the ENEMY.

To be a political party participating in a Democratic election, you are really taking an oath to abide by the will of the people. Majority wins and the minority lives with it until the next elections. If you have eyes or ears you know that the members of the Republican party have done everything but deal with the loss of the 2008 elections. They have become more angry, violent and irrational in their attacks against the sitting president and have ignored the respect deserved by that office. What we are witnessing in the birth of the Tea Party is a group of people who are against democracy and want only to instill their values as laws that take away the inalienable rights of the Americans who are different from them.

This is not a political party. To be very specific, this is a coup attempt to end democracy in America and to change our country to a Theocracy. These people are so entwined with the “end of the world” predictions and superstitions that they are willing to throw away our ideals, freedoms, and ethics simply to gain power. They feel it is their religious duty to regain power before their mythical god returns at the Apocalypse.

America is in great danger not due to foreign entities but due to the portion of its own population that show signs of severe paranoia and are attempting to usurp our government and instill their Theocratic government. Long live America. Long live Democracy. Long live the American Dream of freedom. We are in our darkest hour from a domestic enemy that seeks to end our Constitution. Hold on people the ride is going to get rough.


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