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One thing you don’t know about obesity

There is one thing you don’t know about obesity because your already fat.  People who are thin and fit  experience it but they probably don’t even realize it.  It should be a significant part of a healthy diet but no one is talking about it.

As a culture in America we tend to ignore problems until they are urgent issues.   We don’t have a problem with obesity, we have a problem with morbid obesity.  We don’t have a problem with unhealthy eating habits we have a problem with diets that directly contribute to early death.

Living under that type of system, we lose sight of the natural function of our body to remain fit.  Our body manages our health and our ability to survive without any conscious input.  It is completely programmed to do it by itself under normal dietary conditions.   Unfortunately we as a species have changed our diets, so the secret of staying physically fit escapes us.  I have not seen it in scientific articles, and there is nothing on Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers that mentions it.

Your body has a natural defense against obesity.  We don’t see it because attain morbid obesity before our brains have a chance to become aware enough to utilize the bodies natural defense mechanism.  We are fat as children.  We are fat before our we really become conscious of our bodies.  We are busy seeking childhood pleasures and dealing with all the addictions that are available to us as kids.  Video games, candy, soda, junk food, riding in cars, and being forced to stay inside the home until the parents return from work are all reasons why we reach morbid obesity before we can utilize our bodies natural mechanism.

I was lucky enough to have been put into swim team as a way for my mom to have me occupied after school.  My nickname was “Bony Bobby” because I had such a low body fat.   Like most swimmers, the type and duration of my swimming was an abundance of exercise and metabolism boosters that kept me extremely thin and fit.   That was true until my parents moved from the beautiful Virginia coastline to Illinois.   The moment I arrived and saw rivers of mud in Illinois instead of the crystal waters of ocean, I gave up swimming.   The long winters of Illinois and the schools that had no swim team also added to the end of my swimming career.

It took only 6 years to go from a wonderful physical specimen of a human being to an obese Midwestern redneck.  McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King and A&W made up 75% of my diet.  I ballooned to 225 lbs.   I lost all of my muscle tone and grew a belly that hung over my belt.  By the time I finished college I was up to 265.   I could still swim, hike, bike, and even surf, but I was no longer able to do things at an aerobic level.  I could no longer surf a fun shape or short board.   I could no longer sprint for any long distance, nor could I run consistently without getting shin splints.  I was very obese.

That is how I remained until this year.   This year I got my weight down to below 200lbs for the first time since 1981.  That is when I discovered the body’s natural defense against obesity.

When I eat a too much  now, I see it immediately in my body.  My belt is tighter.  My stomach right below my ribs pops out like I ate a basketball.  Later that day or evening, that basketball of food in my stomach slowly recedes, but the area around my hips and my belt start to widen.   It is a physical change that was never noticeable when I was at 265 pounds.  When I was obese and over ate, I did feel sluggish, but I never could see the physical change in my body.   The layers of fat pressed down on the basketball of food in my stomach.  I could eat 2000 calories in a single sitting and still not see a bump in my gut.   Later as the food entered my intestines, it was not noticeable either.  It was also crushed by the fat.  I did not have any expansion of my gut or hips.  I was simply the same fat person before and after the meal.

Now that I can see the difference, it is helping me stay thin.  When I over eat I am faced with the immediate change in my physical appearance.  The next day I have no problem motivating myself to watch my intake of calories to make sure my stomach goes back down.   I actively seek the loose belt and shirt again.  When I was fat, I wore large, loose fitting clothes.  My stomach could expand by an inch or two and there would be no noticeable difference.  When I was fat, my intestines were covered by so much fat that I would not feel the tightness in my belt when I ate too much.   Now I feel it immediately and I am eager to get relief.  I watch my calorie intake until my belt fits correctly again.

It is a shame that we are obese at such an early age.   The good news that I am trying to get across to everyone is that once you get a fit body again you will have an internal advocate to help you stay thin.  The body changes of a fit person who overeats at one meal is enough to curb the behavior.  Right now, if you are fat, you do not have that advocate.

That’s it, that is the thing that obese humans do not know.  Once you get fit you notice overeating in a physical way AND a psychological way.   Fat people don’t have that physical change.  They don’t get the natural body encouragement to stop eating because of the deformation just below their ribs.   They look fat all the time.

So work hard to reach the point at which the natural defense against obesity can work for you again.  Get to the point where a meal shows immediately on your body and use that to stabilize your body fat ratio.  Get thin enough to feel the stretching of your gut when you over eat.  Get thin enough to feel the squeeze on your belt when a large meal goes to your intestines.  You will be amazed at how much easier it is to watch your weight at that point that it is now.  Now you are just a fat person going it alone.  When you reach this point you have a partner in health inside you.  You will will see overeating just as surely as you see a wave swell up on the ocean.  Get thin and fit and see how easy it is to stay that way.


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