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Belair Texas : Bigot Town Texas

If you told me that one of the two following events happened today.

1)  A religious extremist committing a terrorist act


2) A police officer committing a racial hate crime

I would always guess that some white cop killed a non-white American citizen.

If you ask me the same question, and told me that the event happened in Belair Texas.  I would tell you that Belair is a religious extremist terrorist town, and that hatred is one of the moral backbones of the town.  Belair Texas is the town of Klu Klux Cops.

Belair is just outside of Houston.  It is an all white town (90% white, 8% hispanic, less than 1% African American).  In an area of Texas that shows the greatest racial diversity, Belair is an island of white.  Even though the town is ONLY 1% black, black people have a 12 times higher probability of being stopped by the police.  That is one of the highest profiling multiples in the country.

Belair established itself as one of the country’s most racist towns when one of its officers, Sgt. Jeffrey Cotton, gunned down an unarmed black man in front of his own home after false arrest, and while his mother was pleading for the officer to calm down and not hurt anyone.

This man was not only an upstanding citizen of Belair, being a notable semi-professional baseball player who had represented Belair as a child, but also a man with no criminal record, and no prior arrests.

What caused the cop to shoot him?   A computer error.  Another officer entered the license plate number incorrectly into the system and it came up as a stolen car.  The police department’s own standards require the officer enter the data again to verify, PLUS it requires the officer to wait for backup before engaging the suspect.  The officer did neither because if your a Bigot you already know the black man stole the car.  You don’t have the common sense of a non-racist.

That cop made the man get down on the ground, and his friends down on the ground as well.   The mother and father came out of the house in their pajamas and told the officer calmly that this was their son, that the car was owned by them, and that there must be some mistake.

I am white.  I have had dealings with police officers and I cannot imagine any the B.S. that he was putting this family through.

The second cop arrived.  I call him a cop because he is in no way a police officer.  His name again is Cotton.  Within 32 seconds of arrival he has grabbed the father off the porch and made him spread eagle on the car, and grabbed the mother and threw her against the garage door.

That is when the black man made a huge mistake.  He got to his feet and told the bigot Cotton to take his hands off his mother.  Bang.  Bang. Bang.

Not one shot but three.   Bigots love to shoot multiple times so they can get a kill rather than just wound a person of color.

There are hateful white officers in every town in America.  The difference is that Belair stood up and announced it was a Bigot Town by acquitting the officer of any wrong doing, AND putting him back in service IN THE FIELD with the Belair Bigot Police Department.   ( aka Klu Klux Cops ) No one on the police force, or in city hall has stood up to defend this black man and the violence that the town brought down on him.

So when your in Texas, especially in the Houston area.  Be careful.   Don’t drive too far out of Houston.  You may just, by accident, come across Belair Texas.  If your a black man in Belair Texas you have a target on your head.

I wish that there was some way that we as a nation could punish towns that have current bigot based laws and codes that they are living under.  Even if we could just put Federal signs around the town warning others of the bigotry contained within those city limits, OR EVEN BETTER, cut any and all of their federal funding, I would feel much better as an American.

Belair Texas, Bigot Town Texas

Jeffrey Cotton :  Bigot cop

Cindy Siegel : Bigot mayor

Bigot City Council :  Will Hickman (1), Jim Avioli (2), Corbett Daniel Parker (3), Phil Nauert (4), Andrew Friedberg (5), and Mandy Nathan (6)

Randall Mack:  Bigot Police Chief

They all claim to be god fearing and law abiding citizens.  The problem is that they hate blacks more than they fear god OR love our country.  Stay away from Belair.

Help, I am ITIA

  1. September 1, 2010 at 3:52 pm

    I have been through Belair several time, I had no idea it was that way. Of course there many towns here in Texas with a sleazy underbelly. Grand Saline, Gilmer, Tyler. We all remember Jasper too. great post

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