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George Bush, Tony Blair, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston

Tony Blair’s Memoirs state, “Former U.S. President George W. Bush was a “true idealist” who displayed “genuine integrity and political courage.”

I was actually hoping that Mr. Blair would finally come out with some sense of reality as to how Bush bullied him into compliance with his insane war plans and control of the Middle East oil supply.  Maybe he would describe how Bush was acting independently in South and Central America without consulting the English Prime Minister, and only called Tony when he needed favors from the British.   Maybe Mr. Blair would go  so far as to explain how he was tricked by Bush’s financial conquests of foreign nations in the name of “Democracy”, “Freedom”, and “The American Way”.

None of that happened.  Mr. Blair stuck by Bush like a reminiscent ex lover.  Mr. Blair acted more like Whitney Houston as she was defending Bobby Brown.  No doubt Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair still have financial interests together from their days of power, but to lavish such praise on such an unworthy subject is rare.  Rare that is until you think back on how Whitney Houston acted around Bobby Brown.

Remember when Whitney and Bobby were first caught with drugs in the airport?  That was exactly like Mr. Blair and Bush getting in the lie about weapons of mass destruction.

Remember when Whitney denied using crack to Diane Sawyer? “Crack is Wack!”  That was the point at which we all knew she was smoking crack.

That was exactly like Bush’s interview with Katie Couric, when he said, “”You know, one of the hardest parts of my job is to connect Iraq to the war on terror.”  That was the point at which we all knew he manufactured the war on Iraq.

The similarities in the relationships between George Bush and Tony Blair, and Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown are eerie.

1)  Both Blair and Houston were victims of the bad boys they were with.

2) Both Whitney Houston and Tony Blair ruined their careers from this one relationship.

3)  Both Whitney Houston and Tony Blair truly loved their bad boys.

4)  Both Bobby Brown and George Bush were surrounded by bad influences and their lives became more and more entwined in criminal activities.

5)  Both Tony Blair and Whitney Houston separated themselves from their bad boys, but neither could revive their career.

6)  Both Tony and Whitney talk nicely about their bad boys as if there were positive aspects to their relationships.

7)  Both Tony and Whitney are trying to get our sympathy for their “tough times” now in an effort  to make money.

8)  Both Tony and Whitney have horror stories about their bad boys that they have not and will not make public.

Thanks for the memoirs Tony.  It will help my coffee table with one leg shorter than the rest.  Oh, and if are thinking of writing another piece of propaganda, I suggest contacting Fabio to be on the cover so everyone knows its a romance novel and not a factual political history piece.


  1. September 2, 2010 at 8:19 am

    I am envious. I have yet to purchase the book but I swear its the next one on my list. The library may have a copy because you can count the number of people in this town who would read it on one hand.

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