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Roger Goodell enables Ben Roethlisberger

Some things are complex and difficult to understand.  Others are not.  The history of Ben Roethlisberger shows that time and time again he has violently assaulted women.  He is a habitual rapist.

Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner has a history of taking simple things and making them difficult.  Today he lowered the already ridiculously lenient penalty of 6 weeks suspension to 4 weeks.   Lets keep this simple.  Goodell did it so that the NFL could make more money.  He sees Roethlisberger as a cash register and wants to keep that cash register running as much as possible.

In the criminal world that is considered Criminal Facilitation.

Lets review:

Footnote:  Thank you Mr. Terry Bradshaw for being the only man in the room to stand up and say what is good and right.

“Going to bars — treating women like that; oh my God. I pray they don’t cut (his suspension) to four games. I hope they leave it at six. There is no excuse for that. The egos get out of hand.”


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