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Senator Dodd Sells Out To The Federal Reserve

Those of you who have bashed me about being a liberal.  Those of you who say I only trash Republicans and Tea Party politicians, take heart.  You will love this blog.

Students of political science know that we sold out our country in 1913 when we passed the Federal Reserve Act.  (A law that created the Federal Reserve.  A law written by bankers and pushed through by President Wilson who on his death bed apologized for the evil deed.)

The Federal Reserve is a group of private International Bankers.  FOR PROFIT BANKERS.   These bankers represent the largest and most profitable banks in the world.  This is in NO way an American Institution.

Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut, a Democrat, just handed the keys to our national banking system to a single person, the head of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke.  I am not overstating this fact.   Senator Dodd did more damage to our ability to self govern in this one law than any law since the Federal Reserve Act.

This is not something that Mr. Dodd dreamed up in his head.  This is something that was requested of him by these bankers and for some reason Mr. Dodd agreed.  These are incredibly smart and organized people.  They put the head of Goldman Sachs on the chopping block just to get the public outcry for a financial reform bill.   In the complexity of the bill ( 2300 pages long) they hid these new powers.   There is NO way that these powers given to the Federal Reserve would have passed on their own if it was a stand alone bill.

The new way to pass ugly and damaging legislation in our country is to give it a pretty name.  Most Americans don’t read past the headlines so, “Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, also known as the Dodd-Frank law” sounds like a great government initiative.   It is in fact the removal of the last straw of protection we had against the Federal Reserve taking the U.S. dollar all the way to ZERO value.

If you research the new powers given to the Federal Reserve, you will see it is the last step needed to set up a “rescue” of the U.S. economy by the International Monetary Fund/ World Bank.

There is no turning back now.  Watch for Bernanke to further tighten the money supply by scaring small banks with the threat of shutting them down if they don’t increase their reserves.  This will in turn stop all credit based business growth.  This will in turn end any possibility for a recovery, no matter how good we are at capitalism and entrepreneurialism.

So how can I prove that this is an inside job?  How can I prove that Dodd was bought?   Take a look at this:

Dodd had been a harsh critic of the Fed and its chairman, Ben S. Bernahnke, declaring in July 2009 that the central bank’s supervision of financial services had been an “abysmal failure,” Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its October 2010 issue.

How can a Senator that accuses a man of being a “Abysmal Failure”, turn around in a little more than one year and make that same man the single point of oversight for our entire banking system?  Simple, Dodd is in the first group of rats to jump the sinking ship.  This single act against the interest of the people of the United States has earned Dodd and the whole Dodd family a ticket into the inner circle of the bankers of the Federal Reserve.

In the old days we called people like Dodd “traitors”.  In the new America, these people are called “captains of industry” and “great capitalists”.


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