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Blog Stats : Stick Figure Legs

When I first started my blog, I was always looking for acceptance. I wanted that blog statistics chart to reach 1 reader each day. Later it was 5 readers, then 10 readers, then 25 readers, etc. I know the desire for ever increasing readership will never end. I don’t think the habit of creating a new benchmark will ever end either.

After a while of staring at statistics each day, I started to see little stick figure legs. Some of the legs I liked and some of the Legs I didn’t like. The first set of stick figure legs I noticed and loved were the “leaning left” stick figure legs and the “lift a leg : fire hydrant” stick figure legs.

blog statistics legsEvery blogger knows you have up and down days.  The Stick figure legs leaning left, and the stick figure lifting a leg mean that my blog is improving its ratings over time.   Love it!

Then there are the down times.   Some of your blogs have been picked up by distribution websites and others just lay there unnoticed.  Get a couple of the unnoticed ones and you may see the “stick figure legs leaning right” or the “stick figure legs running down a hill”

stick figure legs Yes these stick figure legs are a bummer, but they do help motivate me to improve my content.  They are not the worst legs though.   That title goes to “The Splits”

stick figure legs doing the splitsThe splits means you are going nowhere.   I hate the splits.  I would rather have the stick figure legs running downhill than to stare at blog statistics that tell me I am flat!   One of the reasons I hate the splits so much is that splits tend to group together.  This is the mother of all bad stick figure legs.  A chorus line of splits means that I have been walking through the desert of no improvement for quite some time.

stick figure legs chorus line of splitsSo that is my group of imaginary stick figure leg friends that run up and down all of my blog stats.   Happy Blogging!  May all your stats be “leaning left” or “lifting a leg” stick figure legs.


  1. September 7, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    I hear ya. The problem is, the more readers one has, the more greedy one gets. As you say, it’s an endless cycle. It’s a pity these blog stats have such an effect on us. What happened to just writing for writing? Just saying something important. Or fun. Or witty.

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