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Evolution 101 : Unteaching what you learned in church

As a church going Christian for 40 years, my mind was filled with tons of mis-information.  When it comes to evolution, the churches I attended pulled out all the stops in grasping whatever rumor or factoid they could to disprove evolution.   One such rumor was the creation of the cell.   They always talked about how the scientists conveniently forgot to mention that the complex RNA could not form into a living host because it had to create a cell wall or cell membrane.

The Christian “scientists” were very proud of this impossible leap of evolution and they added to their glee by saying that even if it did happen, how could it have happened for both plants and animals?  After all lighting in a bottle is nearly impossible, but two lightning bolts in a bottle is too far fetched for anyone to believe.

All the church folk would sit in the pews and smile with self serving grins at the words of their psuedo scientist speakers.  “Thats Right!” I would hear my mother and father say as I sit beside them.  “Evolutionists are being tempted by the devil.  They will say anything to discredit our powerful, just, and loving god”.

I have learned so much since I became an atheist.  The church is a biased information source with an agenda.  Hundreds of millions of Americans get the bulk of their information and belief systems from that source.  Once I left the church and started smelling the coffee, I became hungry for more and more truths that were banned from the church.

One such truth is this.   In evolution, the dawn of the cell wall and the functioning cell was common to both plants and animals. While the church will tell you that we are unique and separate from plants in every possible way, that is just not true.  When you look at a human blood and chlorophyll of a  plant, you will notice one thing that will blow you away.

Chlorophyll has the same structure as Hemoglobin, except that it has a magnesium atom in place of the Iron atom.

That is just 1 of thousands of interesting facts that lead to the understanding of evolution as a fact.  Darwin had no idea of these types of things when we first suggested evolution as a theory.  What is amazing is that as we have continued to learn more about our past, all the guesses of religion are being proven false, and all the theories of evolution are being proven as factual.  The discovery of the chemical makeup of hemoglobin and chlorophyll is just one exciting piece of evidence that adds to that pile of truth.

If you take the time to study evolution you will also learn about the fact that we share a common ancestry with plant life.   In a discussion with a friend of mine named Morris, I found out that we also have a common bond/classification to both plants and yeast. He described it best:

“mitochondrial DNA is about the same length as prokaryotic (bacterial)_ DNA and shares a good deal of sequence homology.  The more evolved larged multi-membrane cells are called Eukaryotes.

yeast is such a creature.

so are mammals.

… and plants.”

So take a few minutes of your life to think outside the walls of your church.  The bible is NOT the only source of wisdom and knowledge.  To think that is simply foolishness.  We have wonderful information to help you understand life, the universe and everything, just waiting for you to open your eyes and read.


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