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Egypt and Democracy

News today speaks of the exit of President Hosni Mubarak from power in Egypt.

The correct attitude is “hooray” AND “how horrible”

It is true the Hosni Mubarak is not a friend to the people of Egypt. He is not a democratically elected official by any stretch of the imagination. In recent “elections” Mubarak and his western friends have simply lied about election results to keep him in power.

So why is the west standing behind Mubarak? Simple. Egypt is not capable of electing a government that will promote freedom and equality in the country. To be blunt, Egypt is a country populated by people who are closer mentally to the minds of the dark ages of Europe than the minds of the modern age. The first words that come to mind are “they are too stupid”, but lets keep it politically correct and say they are too superstitious.

When Mubarak leaves and an election is held, there will be two ideologies that will have serious consideration, but only one has a true chance of winning. Those two ideologies are 1) Freedom and Equality and 2) The Muslim Brotherhood. To give you an idea of how the election will transpire, let me show you the marketing campaigns by both sides in an effort to gain votes.

Freedom and Equality group:

A) Vote for us and you will have a free country truly led by the people.
B) Vote for us and we will make sure that the government works for the people.
C) Vote for us and we will make sure that peace is the path for Egypt.
D) Vote for us and we will make sure that all Egyptians will have an equal voice.

Muslim Brotherhood group:

A) Vote for us or you will vote against Allah. You will go to hell for your vote against Allah.
B) If you vote against us we will find out and tell your Imam and he will make your life hell.
C) Vote for us and we will impose strict Muslim law which is in direct conflict with any ideology of Democracy
D) Vote for us and we will make sure to press the point that Jews have no rights to Palestine.

The Freedom and Equality group has no chance of victory against the Muslim Brotherhood. Even if an Egyptian was down to his last slice of bread, he would still not vote against someone claiming to be “holy” and backed by the Muslim leaders. Even if you offered that man a home and food for the rest of his life, his fear of the afterlife would compel him to accept the continued poverty and abuse offered by his Muslim leaders.

What the civilized world realizes is that Egypt is too superstitious to become a Democracy. This is a modern phenomenon that will be studied in depth by students in the future. Egypt is a country that is suffering under a dictatorship, but the world sees the dictator as a better option than the theocracy that will replace him. We are in a point in our evolution where we have the technological capability of creating paradise for all humans. Unfortunately there are people like George Bush, Hosni Mubarak, AND the Muslim Brotherhood that hide behind words like terrorism, Democracy and Allah with the single intention of controlling people. This primitive need for power and control has stunted the evolutionary growth of humans.

I do have hope for our future. I think we are at the tipping point of this phenomenon. Once each person gains enough common sense to NOT trade his life for the empty promises of an afterlife, then AND ONLY then will we be able to move to a world where people rule and not a select few who have learned how to scare others into submission. The founding fathers of America had the right idea. “Believe what you want to believe about a god, but do not let that belief interfere with your government.” Make sure your government focuses on the problems of today and does not rape its people in exchange for a good afterlife.

Itia (Abroad)

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