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Federal Reserve Chairman : Pimp : Ben Bernanke

The statement : “Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned Congress that failing to raise the debt ceiling in the spring would be catastrophic” is all over the news. As an American I feel as if I am facing a pimp that is saying , “Where’s my money?…Did you get me my money?…You know what happens if you don’t bring me my money!”.

While the number $14,300,000,000,000 is indeed a horrific number, and there is no possible way that America will pay it off with the current valuation of the dollar, that is not what really bothers me about this statement.

Ben Bernanke is basically telling the United States that if we do not allow him to print more money, we will default on our debts. This may sound reasonable, but take a look at what he is really saying. He is saying that if we do not raise the debt ceiling, THE FEDERAL RESERVE WILL PLACE US IN DEFAULT.

Take a look at the ownership of United States Treasury Securities.

So “Pimp” Bernanke is threatening the United States with default on debt that is held by his privately owned bank. Normally that would not classify him as a “Pimp”, but what does make him the biggest pimp in the world is the fact that he and his Federal Reserve Banks did not put up a dime of their own money to create this debt. THEY SIMPLY PRINTED IT ON APPROVAL BY CONGRESS.

I have always been upset at the fact that over 50% of the interest we are paying on our federal debt is being paid to a private bank that did not actually lend us an asset. Now that the head of the bank is telling us that he is going to put our country in foreclosure (default) over the “funny money” debt that has been created by his institution, I crown him with the title of , “The World’s Biggest Pimp”. This, of course, makes the United States the world’s biggest prostitute. It is a sad chain of events that has caused us to come to this point. Allowing a private bank to control our currency. Allowing a private bank to print more money and charge interest on that money. Allowing a private bank to declare the US debt in default.

Wake up America, you are being scammed.

ITIA (Abroad)

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