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Leadership : David Cameron

It is so rare to hear a world leader speak openly, candidly, AND correctly on a subject like suicide bombings, that when you hear it you just have to say… WOW.

In a recent speech David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the U.K., gave an honest an accurate account of who suicide bombers are and why suicide bombings happen. His unusual open and honest handling of the subject was both brave and powerful. His pinpointing the problem of segregation within societies as the incubation chamber for citizen suicide bombers was perfect.

David Cameron Speech

While Americans are still referring to all suicide bombings as “Muslim attacks”, it seems as if the British have identified the root causes and are dealing with them. He spoke honestly about the difference between the religion of Islam and the political movement of Islamic extremists. Mr. Cameron took an intellectual step beyond any speech given by Mr. Blair when he pointed the finger at his own country’s societal problems instead of just screaming “terrorist”.

The point that hits home the most: Countries are allowing pockets of people to live within the boundaries of a country without integrating into the society. This integration is a two way street. Most Western countries would rather simply allow other cultures to live within their borders without making them part of the society. This creates the anxieties of separation and a perfect recipe for the doctrine of Islamic extremists that the West is a pack of dogs that need to be slaughtered.

Mr. Cameron’s call to expand society to include all cultures, but to adhere to principles of the nation concerning freedom and the individual’s right to freedom from fear is the perfect call to achieve the next level of human evolution. With leadership like Mr. Cameron, it may actually have a chance to work in the U.K.

Unfortunately for the United States, segregation is part of the social fabric. There is little or no chance of ever making someone who is not a “white male” feel as if they are a key part of that society.

Following that wonderful speech, there needs to be immediate action. One thing that Mr. Cameron did not address, that he must address some time in the future, is the core issue of equality between men and women. Integration of Islam into the U.K. mainstream society can only be achieved once Muslim men agree to free their women from the bonds of slavery. After all, if a British (non-muslim) man forces his wife to stay in the house it is a crime. If a British (non-muslim) man forces a woman to wear a veil it is sexual harassment. I hope Mr. Cameron will push British law to start enforcing its codes equally to all citizens of the U.K. to help move the integration forward. I would love to see a couple hundred law suits against Muslim men (British citizens) who are currently imprisoning their wives or forcing them to wear veils over their faces.

ITIA (Abroad)

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