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Helping David Cameron and the British Government

In yesterday’s post, I praised Mr. Cameron about the speech he gave at a security conference in Munich, Germany. He talked directly and honestly about how to stop suicide bombings by British citizens through integration of the cultures.

In the final segment of my article, I spoke of how he needed to act immediately to integrate the societies by ending the slavery of Muslim women within the United Kingdom that currently exists. Here are a few examples of how to force the hand of Muslim men through existing British law.

Open Face Policy: While it is restrictive to NOT allow a woman to veil her face, it is well within the laws of Britain to have its police force request to see the face of ANY veiled individual who passes them. The British police forces of every city in Britain should start an immediate policy that any time any person who is veiling their face passes a police officer, the officer should request that they unveil to show her face. The police forces should actually put more police on foot to help promote this change. While Muslim women will feel embarrassed and Muslim men will feel violated, this is the only path to show these citizens that the U.K is not a place where people are forced to wear shackles, leashes, or veils.

British Citizen Rights Classes : While it is hard to help those in captivity, there have been some successful programs. In the case of forced prostitution, when a girl is arrested she is put in a room with a police officer who informs her of her rights and of programs that are there to help girls involved with the slave trade. While you cannot arrest every wife of a Muslim man who you suspect is keeping them captive inside the home, you can start a program to help. Call the program “British Citizen Rights Classes”. Make it like Jury duty or other civic program that requires attendance. Make it mandatory that the person attend the class alone. Make the class informative on the specifics of the rights of British citizens concerning freedom from captivity, freedom from slavery, and freedom to have an independent life. If a Muslim woman is being held captive against her will give her the immediate opportunity to sign a statement that will put her into a program to start her on an independent life and to start criminal charges against those imprisoning her.

While this seems like an expensive proposition, remember, the end outcome is a woman that truly understands British freedoms and becomes an advocate for the U.K. within the Muslim community. Forget the statements by Muslims that “she will be permanently excommunicated”, Or “the Muslim community will not tolerate this activity”. Remember, over the past few hundred years we have worked our way through slavery and inequalities. This is just another bump in the road.

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