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Madison Wisconsin : Good Intentions Butt Heads

In Wisconsin the state is focusing on the fight between the need for a balanced state budget and a healthy workforce. The nation is watching and the publicity pigs are lining up to be counted. In this fight the state is moving ahead with the good intentions of balancing the budget. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said that he was going to address the budget deficit if elected and he is doing so in a very direct manner. The States unions are taking his measures as a personal attack on the worker.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is sounding off as he sees this as a chance to strengthen unions and increase his organization’s cash flow. Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa is doing the same as he praises the protesters for demanding that the budget cuts do not touch them.

On the other side, the infamous Tea Party is spending money on busing its protesters that support Governor Scott Walker from site to site to fight with the union protesters. Sarah Palin is also commenting on the struggle, though her words are uncharacteristically moderate.

We are going to see this more and more for the foreseeable future in America. The people protesting, ON BOTH SIDES, are fighting with good intentions in mind. Both have common sense arguments that seem to defend their point of view 100%. They cannot understand how the “other side” is arguing.

The problem is that both systems are broken. The system proposed to resolve the budget deficit is a band aid to a bad State of Wisconsin monetary policy. The way that the state government spends money is so inefficient that there is no way to recover without restructuring the way that the Wisconsin State government purchases products and services. Right now the state spends 20 to 50 percent more for every product it purchases that its private sector counterparts. It has also built an employee compensation plan that is overweight in benefits. The state needs to change from an entitlement donor to an entitlement recipient. The people of Wisconsin need to support their state government rather than have their state government support them.

On the other side are the unions. Unions were created to protect workers. They did tremendous things to evolve our workplace from dangerous to safe, from survival pay to wealth accumulation pay. Once they achieved those goals they became perverted. Now the unions are simply a machine to skim money from the workers, twist corporate arms to skim money from profits, and to pressure politicians into giving them power under the cloak of “rights”.

Both systems are broken. The arguments in Wisconsin are useless. There is no solution as long as the organizational and operational structures of the unions and the state government remain intact. Where is the voice for change? I do not hear it. I only hear the shouts of selfish and narrow minded people.

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