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The Washington Post : From News Paper to Blog Paper

The Washington Post is a poster child for the death of the newspaper. For those of us who are over 40 years old, we have seen the entire evolution of the Washington Post from a newspaper that lived and bled the rules of reporting to a being an irresponsible Blog Paper. The Washington Post has gotten so bad that even us bloggers are seeing it as an source not worth citing.

In the “old days” a newspaper was a source of journalism. For those of you who have only lived in the modern “shock me, rock me” blogging world, let me educate you on Journalism. It is the ideal of responsible reporting, reporting only verified facts, and reporting independently of influence. Wikipedia has a great article on the subject.


Less than 20 years ago, The Washington Post was the standard for journalism. This was the newspaper the broke the story on “The Watergate Scandal”, as well as the scandal of the Walter Reed Military Hospital. It was all about investigative reporting and constant referrals to facts.

The evolution of The Washington Post over the past 20 years has created a new monster. It is now a Blog Paper instead of a Newspaper. Facts and research have been replaced by shock articles with no supporting sources or evidence of validity. The new Washington Post reporters know the paranoia and prejudices of the people of Washington DC and feed them with nonsensical stories.

To stay true to Journalism let me site a perfect example of a Blog Paper Washington post writer.

Staff member name : Keith B. Richburg

Blog paper Articles :

China clamping down to prevent Mideast-style protests
China mulls impact of Mideast uprisings
and many more articles to feed the American mistrust of China.

Keith has hit a home run with the editors of The Washington Post because they are only concerned with views and cash flow. They know that their paper is in its twilight and sinking fast. When Keith hits the “I hate China” chord with the American public, all the paranoid citizens consume his articles like gamers consume Mountain Dew.

Keith’s articles lack any substance of evidence and simply name drop for validity and publish whatever crap he want to get across that day. In his article “China Mulls Impact of Mideast Uprisings”, Keith is trying to make the public believe that China fears similar uprisings to the countries experiencing the Arab revolt of 2011. Nothing could be further from the truth. Keith is trying to make American’s believe that China is worried about America’s interference should people protest in China. Again, nothing could be further from the truth.

In his article Keith name drops instead of cites any credible quotes, and simply pumps out insinuations instead of doing any reporting. Let me break up his article, using his own words so that you can see through his total bullshit.

Could the revolt spread to China? The question has gained in urgency. A Chinese blogger posed the query.
Name Drop: President Obama’s chief Asia expert Name Drop: White House Situation Room Name Drop: Bader and another official, Ben Rhodes, deputy NSC adviser for strategic communications No evidence statement : They “declined to answer directly Name Drop : Robert Gibbs No evidence statement: “declined to engage”

The rest of the article is a bunch of “scare statements” based on this lack of research. It is just the kind of fluff that a blog article would post. Funny how his only source is a blogger. I guess that is the new investigative reporting standard of The Washington Post.

Here is the kicker. Keith B. Richburg doesn’t SPEAK Chinese, doesn’t READ Chinese, and is not in China, but The Washington Post publishes him as an expert on the subject. That is the main difference between a Bog Paper and a Newspaper.

The world is afraid of the United States. They are afraid because Americans are being fed total crap by American news outlets that are only attempting to make money instead of publishing the truth. In an age where The Washington Post has gone from a publication with world impact to a scare rag to sell a few extra copies, Keith E. Richburg is the stereotype Washington Post reporter that is leading the charge to the extinction of journalistic investigative reporting.

Itia (Abroad)

Additional insight: I did receive a response from Mr. Richburg about his own ability to give a first hand review of Chinese blogs. “I speak conversational Chinese, and take lessons about 6 hours a week to keep improving. And we have a very large local Chinese staff here that constantly monitors all the key Chinese blogs, Websites and micro-blogging sites.


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