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The dawn of Hedonist politics.

Egypt, Oman, Libya, Tunisia, and a host of other Middle East countries are all in turmoil over freedoms and the right to self govern.

In Ireland the most stable political party in history has been completely kicked out of power.

In Indonesia and the Philippines pressure is mounting to overturn the governments unless radical change happens.

In England and the United States, the religious right has been kicked out of power and both countries are now searching for the right leadership and direction for their countries.

It seems that only China, the most prosperous and progressive country on the planet is exempt from political upheaval.

So what is happening?  If you read the articles from conservatives you will think that it is a move towards political conservatism.  If you read the articles from the liberals you will think that it is a move towards liberalism.  Of course if you read the articles of the religious news outlets you will hear that it is the end times and that only bad things will happen from now on.

So what is really going on?  If you look at the people behind the actions.  If you look at the way that cultural revolution is occurring in these countries, or the people in the protest mobs, you will see a different face of revolution than the world has ever beheld.  This revolution is being conducted more by independent thinking, educated individuals who are pushing information and organizing over social networks and blogs on the Internet.   These are not classic conservatives, classic liberals, or even zealous religious crazies.  These are Baby Boomers that have lost faith in every current form of government and even in their religious leaders.  These are X Generation and Y Generation and Z (or net) Generation who have digitally dumped all forms of religion for one form of hedonism or another.

What we know about the world is that it is run by massive investments of capital into political leadership. In other words it is investments of cash with the intention of gaining power.  If the investment into a political party lasts only one term (or less than 5 years), then the investment may not give the investor a good return.  The recent power that has been given to religions like Christianity and Islam is directly linked to the financial investments given to them by those who are gambling that they will gain power and rule countries for a long stable period.   Now that the attention span of humans has grown so short that political stability without the constant improvement of the human condition within the boundaries it governs is all but impossible, the mindset of the power investor is changing.

Only one generation ago, it seemed as if a religious revolution within a country could bring immense wealth to the investor because a country governed by religion (theocracy) is typically more restricted and submissive, with its population willing to be enslaved for the profit of its church.  Now it seems that every generation from Baby Boomers on down is pushing religion back into the closet where it belongs.  Their goal of freedom to pursue hedonistic or even philanthropic ventures is in direct conflict with all religious political doctrines.

In America we have seen waves of political change over the past 50 years.  The Baby Boomers, from their first vote have exercised their desire to find the best leadership by radically changing their vote back and forth from Republican to Democrat almost every election.  Their political message is clear.  Without prosperity we will remove you from your office.  George Bush was the official poster child of Christian leadership in America.  Once it came into light how Bush and his religious team systematically raped the United States of its wealth and global reputation, the Boomers and the generations after them completely removed the religious right from power in America.  The same thing happened with Tony Blair and his group of rapists in England.   In votes following their destructive terms in office, both countries are showing their leaders that one term in office where you do not show improvement in the human condition in your region and you are fired.

This same mindset seems to be in all of the protests across the planet.  It is a protest that is demanding the removal of the current political system, but also an unwillingness to commit long term to any one other doctrine unless that doctrine operates parallel to continued improvement of their society.  This is in essence a demand for hedonistic leadership.   Hedonism is the net equation of maximizing pleasure while minimizing pain. Religion, Conservatism, Liberalism, and Nationalism are all political ideologies that are based on the willingness to suffer for the common good. These revolutions are all communities (groups) that are comprised of people seeking individual good. They want what is better for themselves. It just so happens that their push for hedonism is going to simultaneously push the rest of their society towards improved pleasure and the unwillingness to suffer any longer. They will not suffer for another person, a flag, or a religion.

I have to admit that when I first started watching the revolutions in the Middle East, I thought for sure it would lead to another generation of theocracies that dominated their citizens and captured wealth for a few at the top. I also have to admit that I thought the Tea Party movement in the United States would bring back another George Bush to lead us further down the road to poverty in belief that the end of the world was coming. Maybe I was wrong on both accounts. Maybe this is the dawn of the Hedonistic Political movement.

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