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WikiLeaks : New Precedent and Reason for New Amendment to Constitution

Bradley Manning is an American citizen who for his own reasons decided that he needed to disclose to the rest of his fellow Americans, and to the world, the criminal activities of the American government. I say disclose because Bradley Manning did not earn any money for his action. He saw corruption and blew the whistle.

Now the American Government, red faced with embarrassment from its own dirty laundry, is out for revenge in the worst of ways. My American Government thinks that it has the right to put a whistle blower to death.

In news articles everywhere today the headline read , “Death penalty still on table for WikiLeaks suspect” This is a new precedent because it essentially scares every American citizen from their right to self police their government. The outcome of this case will effect our futures. If this man is convicted then we will never see a shred of honesty from our government ever again. If he is convicted then every potential whistle blower of American government criminal activity will simply have to be reminded that if they blow the whistle they will be put to death. Sound Orwellian? It is. It is as 1984 as it gets.

Here is what Bradley Manning disclosed to me, my fellow American citizens, and the world.

1. Details of torture and abuse : US troops reported the abuse to their superiors on more than 100 occasions, according to the documents, but the military – at the highest levels – ordered troops not to intervene. Videos of US military personnel cutting off fingers and pouring acid on prisoners

2. Secret death counts : WikiLeaks documents reveal an official record of 66,081 noncombatant deaths out of a total of 109,000 fatalities from Jan. 1, 2004, to Dec. 31, 2009. This number was denied by the Bush administration over and over even though they had it in their own internal documents.

3. Videoed deaths of innocent civilians: The famous Apache helicopter murders of reporters in Iraq and a video of a prisoner being taken out into the streets and shot in the head.

Now you may be an advocate of “National Security” and “Government Secrets” but where is the line that you draw? When should a government employee “leak” information on corruption or even murder by our government? When is it right to break rules to keep our government from becoming a total tyrant.

There is absolutely zero chance that Bradley Manning can stand on a defense of public interest in a military court or Federal court. Those who have been embarrassed are too powerful and they are seeking revenge for their red faced moments. This is EXACTLY the time and reason for a new Amendment to our Constitution. It is a time for another Amendment in the same spirit of the First Amendment that gives protections to American Citizens from the mob mentality of its own government.

I propose that we create an Amendment that makes it impossible for our Government or Courts to punish anyone who is releasing what they believe to be documents of corruption or violent criminal activity perpetrated by our government or any of its officials. The two exceptions to the Amendment would be publishing documents for profit, AND releasing documents during the actual conflict of an individual battle in any war to the opposing side. (This would not include Bradley Manning’s documents because his documents were always after the fact of individual battles.)

Many who read this may now consider me a super liberal or even dangerous person because of my stance against government secrecy. The real question here is whether or not you are going to stand for the execution of an American Citizen for releasing documents detailing criminal activity by our Government. You also need to ask yourself why NO ONE detailed in those documents has been brought to trial. In America today you can murder, torture, and commit fraud without penalty, but if you publish documents detailing these activities you will be put to death. Is that REALLY the America you want?

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