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American Legal System Oxymoron : Insider Trading

There are two ways to pick a stock, a horse in a horse race, a spouse, a car, or almost anything else in life. You can close your eyes and point, or you can start doing analysis. It is easy to tell the difference. It is easy to create rules around those two actions.

There can never be a definitive line that distinguishes someone who is guilty of analysis from someone who is guilty of insider trading. It will always be an equation that includes the variables of the national economic outlook, how much investors have lost recently, perception of wall street traders, and perception of the rich.

Right now Americans are crucifying Raj Rajaratnam, the billionaire founder of the Galleon Group. They have multiple reasons to burn him at the stake. He is rich and in America today the rich are seen as evil. He does not have milk white skin, so he is seen as an outsider by the legal system. Lastly, his name is not John or Jim. It is Raj. which is shortened enough so that white Americans can say it, but not white enough to make the legal system blind to him.

The Galleon Group is a hedge fund. The job of a hedge fund is to do advanced research. To find out details that only they know so that they can give better advice to their customers than the average broker. If all they did was look at quarterly reports then no one would do business with them.

The idea that we are trying to convict a hedge fund owner for insider trading is like trying to convict a McDonalds employee for distribution of hamburgers. If we want to be serious about insider trading then outlaw all stock and bond consulting or advice. The truth is that this is just a mob lynching. There is a story behind this story. Mr. Rajaratnam angered someone from Goldman Sach’s or someone in the Federal Reserve. Maybe he won one to many days at the NYSE. Maybe he didn’t buy enough of the junk derivatives that the market was selling. Whatever it was, someone has it out for him. Someone is pushing the buttons at the SEC to convict this man. There are WAY too many cases of trillion dollar fraud, billion dollar direct thefts of cash, and hundred million dollar murders to make be believe that the indictment of this man is legitimate.

Open your eyes America. Our society’s puppet masters are becoming more and more bold about who is hung and who is set free. Even our newest President, Mr. Yes We Can, Obama has just signed a law granting indefinite detention of individuals without a trial. The legal system in America is corrupt to the core. It has lost all legitimacy and is now just a manufacturer of oxymoron after oxymoron.

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