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The Tea Party : Dangerous Demands Against NPR

A large Tea Party group is calling on Congress to take away funding from NPR due to the release of a hidden camera tape and entrapment sting made by James O’Keefe that has Ronald Schiller making statements about the Tea Party being racist.

Lets face it. The Tea Party is the radical arm of the Republican Party. They do have deep racist roots against Muslims, Mexicans, and most other non-white races. No new news there. The fact that an on-air personality could be entrapped into saying those things by Muslim impersonators is not shocking in the least. The Tea Party, even on its own blogs, on conservative watchdog websites, and in its own ranks, has constant issues and struggles with internal racism problems.

There was the Mark Williams/Tea Party Express Controversy

There was Obama’s Allegations of Tea Party Racism

And their own bragging of stripping Muslims of freedoms when they forced Six Flags to cancel “Muslim Day”

So how can there be any controversy when someone says the Tea Party is a racist organization. It is self evident. So what is news worthy about this story? It is news worthy to note that the Tea Party is seeking to gag one of the nations ONLY remaining sources of valid and open minded news and commentary.

National Public Radio is a beacon of intelligent dialog. Every intelligent conservative and liberal will tell you that NPR is a tool that helps America stay away from the abyss of total ignorance. As young people wander around the radio dial and stumble on NPR they finally start getting the quality education in life that was missing from their schools and homes. NPR educates. NPR enlightens. NPR helps keep America great.

If the Tea Party succeeded in ending NPR, our country would lose one of our great freedoms. NPR is a voice of American freedom. NPR is the physical broadcast of our First Amendment rights. NPR is our Freedom of Speech. Why any organization would want to gag NPR is beyond my comprehension.

The Tea party is a conglomeration of a few very intelligent and patriotic groups mixed in with a bunch of radical and self serving interests. The Tea Party is in a constant struggle to stay within “acceptable boundaries” of racism against Muslims and Mexicans, while at the same time not losing the influence of these radical groups within their party. In the past they have done a decent job in policing themselves concerning individuals who make outlandish statements like the recent statement concerning pulling Federal funding for NPR. Lets hope they don’t drop the ball this time. Lets hope they retract the statement against our national treasure, National Public Radio.

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