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Inter-Faith violence in Egypt begins soon after Mubarak leaves.

Ten people killed today in a clash between Egypt Christians and Egypt Muslims.

In less than one month since the exodus of President Mubarak the violence between the superstitious sects of Christians and Muslims in Egypt has begun. Those who understand these two religions knows that there is no middle ground for a peaceful co-existence between these two religions. Even though Islam, Christianity and Judaism all have the same history and share the same “god of Abraham”, they all hold each other in complete contempt. Each of the religions considers the other heresy, and that they are not recognized by god as “followers”. In short, the all believe that they are going to heaven and the others are going to hell.

This has been the basis of wars for thousands of years. Nothing in the modern world will change these ancient hatreds. You would think that the Internet generation would have seen the light and rejected the religion of their fathers, but they seem to be turning towards it instead. Even with mountains of evidence from sites with movies like “Zeitgeist” that completely discredit their religions, they seem to be accepting the superstition.

Researchers have found that religions based on a great afterlife tend to flourish in poor and uneducated societies, but also in societies with great strife and war. Egypt may be coming out of the dark ages when it comes to education, but they still have lives surrounded by violence and war. They may indeed be turning towards religion because of a hope for an afterlife, but there is also another new phenomenon of modern religion that may be causing these younger, more intelligent Egyptians to stick to religion. That phenomenon is religious economics. Even if these Egyptians do not really believe in the religion there is a financial motivation to be a part of the church. Trying to find a job in Egypt without being part of a religious group is like trying to become President of the United States as an independent candidate. So they become members of their religious group and are asked from time to time to act out on behalf of their leaders.

The people you see fighting on the nightly news in Egypt are no more “holy men” than our own televangelists here in the good old U.S.A. These are thugs. These are puppets of the Islamic or Christian political parties in Egypt. What has happened now is the start of a turf war. This is part of a necessary process by those in power. Even though the Christians are outnumbered 8 to 1 in Egypt, without an official turf war those with power would be in jeopardy of having a true democratic and free society in which they lose their power.

Pit the two religions against each other. No matter which one wins, the fear of the people will be complete and the desire to have the protection of their religious leaders will be vital to their safety. Just like a gang war where the drug suppliers are simply looking for a fearful population to align themselves with one gang or another, the two major religion of Egypt are providing the same fear base for the power brokers in Egypt.

What the people of Egypt need to realize is that this is NOT a religious fight. This is a fight meant to create fear and a need for submission to those who can protect you. Wake up, you are being herded like cattle in the direction of theocratic submission. Don’t let it happen when you are this close to freedom.

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