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Big earthquake happening now

Yes. There is an earthquake happening now. How can I know? Because they are always happening.

Big earthquake? Yes. An earthquake of Magnitude 4 has the equivalent power as a small atomic bomb. This is the same as about 15 tons of TNT exploding at once. That is huge.

Should you be afraid? No. Earthquakes are just as much a part of nature as thunderstorms or snow storms. Magnitude 4.0 earthquakes happen over 6000 times a year.

There is water all around us. Some people look at water and think of drowning. There are people all around us. Some people look at people and think of being assaulted. There are earthquakes all around us. Some people think of earthquakes and think of being crushed. The truth is that most water is safe. As long as you can swim you should not worry. Most people are kind. As long as you know self defense you should not worry. The VAST majority of earthquakes are not dangerous. As long as you are informed about your home and work place, you should not be worried.

Yes, large, dangerous earthquakes do happen. Sometimes even smaller ones of magnitude 5 (which happen 800 times a year) and magnitude 6 (which happen 120 times a year) can be just as dangerous if you are in a building that is not structurally sound.

If you are worried, here is how to calm your fears.

First go to the USGS website to see how many earthquakes are happening all around you. This should help you understand how common earthquakes are and how few of them actually cause damage.

Next, research your home and work place. Find out the structural stability of the buildings. If they are concrete or cement make sure they have reinforcing steel rods in them for stability. If you are in a stucco building make sure it has support between the walls and ceiling and that there are separate columns that hold up the roof. If the roof is just resting on stucco walls this is dangerous. Wooden framed buildings are naturally flexible and resistant to earthquake damage. If you are in a sky scraper find out if it has a counter balance mechanism. As long as you have one of these safety features, don’t worry.

Lastly, do a little research on your area. In the past decade there has been fantastic improvement on identifying the location of fault lines. Find out how far you are from a fault line. Know that fault line and the history of its activity. Knowing the fault line helps you to know the type of earthquake you are most likely to experience. This can help you prepare.

Earthquakes are not to be feared. They are to be prepared for and acted on when they happen. Remember, we are on a planet that constantly recycles itself, sometimes quietly, sometimes violently. We have to be conscious of this fact and learn to co-exist with it. Is the ring of fire active? Yes, it is always active. So stop worrying and just prepare yourself.

Itia (Abroad)

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