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IPad 2 : Thanks for the roller coaster ride Mr. Jobs

I am finally going to break down and buy my first Apple product. It was nearly 30 years ago when I first heard the names Jobs and Wozniak. Apple had been around for a couple of years and while I was learning my first lines of code in college their names came across the spoken geek grapevine. We didn’t even have bulletin boards back then. All we heard was that California was doing computing in a totally different way than we were in the heartland.

The name Apple never left my conscious mind after that point. Mr. Jobs made sure of that. Whether it was a quarrel with Microsoft, a notification of bragging rights to a new I/O or software feature, or simply the rumors that Mr. Jobs was fired or rehired. Mr. Jobs always seemed to stay in the news and in the lunch rooms of geek companies across the United States.

Over the years I became an adamant anti-Apple computer user. The apple was, in my mind, the tool of the graphic artist. Real businesses and capitalists used IBM and IBM clones running Microsoft software. Apple was not for number crunching and programming. Later in the 1990’s it was always the case that Apple had the faster processor, more RAM, and larger hard drives, but that didn’t matter to me. Even with the advent of the incredible G5 computer, I was still not about to leave the Microsoft camp. Believer it or not it was always about that damned absence of a left mouse click that kept me from ever trying a Mac. That all changed in 2007 when Jobs released the IPhone. Until that point there was only limited uses for tablets or smart phones. The Iphone was the gateway drug for the mobile computing society. Soon after the IPad came out and the whole world got to see a computer that was built with a completely intuitive interface system. This system supported I/O intuitively not only through smart hardware design, but also in software that SIMPLY WORKED, WORKED ALL THE TIME, and WORKED INCREDIBLY EASILY.

I never needed a mac to look cool. I never needed an iPod to listen to my music. The iPhone and the iPad are a different story. The apps for the iPhone make it nearly impossible for me to avoid owning it for my business and for my hobbies. The iPad is so incredibly easy to use and has a battery life that is longer than almost any flight I have ever flown. The touchscreen software has finally made the mouse obsolete.

Over the past 30 years I have been up and down with Apple. Never crossing the battle lines from my IBM / Microsoft centric computing, but always becoming very interested and then at the last moment finding a reason not to buy one. It was not for me that Mr. Jobs built the iPhone and iPad. These are his life’s work. These are the accumulation of 30 years of saying NO to following every other computer company out there. These are the last twists, loops and high speed dives into the Apple roller coaster that make me want to ride the ride.

Tomorrow is the day that the Ipad 2 comes out. I am finally going to ride the Apple roller coaster. I won’t be waiting in any line to buy it, but it definitely will be on my desk within the next 30 days. The iPhone is not far behind. Soon I will be using my Apple appliances daily and using my PC and laptop only in unusual circumstances (if at all).

Mr. Jobs you finally did it. All the dragons you swore you would slay are dead. All the statements of dominance and ingenuity have come true. If there was ever a skeptic to your boasts of grandeur it was me. Now I am soon to be one of your minions. Of all the “I told you so” scenarios in the history of the world, the story of Mr. Jobs and his little computer company have to be one for the ages.

Itia (Abroad)

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