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Japan Earthquake : Honshu upgraded officially to 9.0

The USGS website has changed the magnitude of the original Japan Honshu Earthquake from 8.9 to 9.0

The aftershocks are still showing no sign of slowing. The quake happened on the 11th and as of today (the 16th) Japan is still experiencing 6.0 magnitude aftershocks.

This shows over 500 aftershocks since the original disaster. More data can be read at : http://earthquake.usgs.gov

With each day that passes this earthquake is rewriting the record books and the school books. With each day that passes with a 6.0 or greater earthquake, Japan is experiencing another strong shaking. This is destructive shaking for all buildings within a 100 mile radius of Honshu. There are only about 120 of these events each year on the planet. Taking into account the shallow nature of these quakes, these are indeed unique circumstances. Shallow quakes tend to generate more tsunamis. Shallow quakes are

The New Zealand earth quake was 6.3 Imagine feeling that multiple times every day. How would that effect you as a culture over the period of weeks? We are closing out the first week without any sign of letup. The aftershocks keep coming. If the frequency and severity do not lessen significantly in the next 48 hours then the seismologists have to admit that they have absolutely NO idea of what to expect from that point onward.

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