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America’s policy on secrets : The Whistle Blower of Wikileaks

It is official. The United States government is now officially a censored body. It is officially out of the hands of the people.

Out of all the representatives in Congress, all of the military leaders, the judicial branch and the executive brand of our government, ONLY 1 person stood up and spoke what is common sense to every American.

“What is being done to Bradley Manning is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid on the part of the department of defense,”

This 26 year Air Force Veteran said these words while attending an event at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The statement was about the obvious torture of the person we all know as the “Whistle Blower of Wikileaks” This U.S. citizen is stripped naked, sleep deprived, interrogated endlessly, and who knows what else. Many disagree with Bradley Manning’s methods of disclosing United States atrocities, but there are a few facts that remain constant no matter who’s opinion you are hearing.

1) HE IS A United States Citizen!
2) He disclosed illegal activities in which the United States government was involved.
3) He disclosed extreme prejudice and lack of dignity on the part of our ambassadors to the world.

Now this person is stripped of all his rights as a citizen and is being abused by our government. In our entire government, only one person commented against this violation of our constitutional rights. Only P.J. Crowley, a dedicated public servant spoke a few words in a NON OFFICIAL capacity, and he was immediately fired.

Look to our “YES WE CAN” President for some rational input to the situation? NO President Obama, in another slap to the face of those who elected him is once again siding against the constitution. It seems as if we have been duped again by a presidential candidate that changes to a new and horrible person once elected. What did Mr. Obama have to say about Mr. Crowley’s statement concerning the torture of Bradley Manning? Obama simply said that the torture was “appropriate”.

There can be no mistake about the course of our government. We are no longer a nation that rewards , or even tolerates, citizens who open their mouths to speak about the illegal activities of our government. Not even our new President will side with Whistle Blowers. NOTE TO CITIZENS: See illegal activity in our government. Shut your mouth or you will be imprisoned, stripped naked, interrogated, and sentenced to life in prison.

Itia (Abroad)

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