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America’s newest scam artists : The Rapture Scam

Every time someone falls for a scam artist it comes down to a false belief in one of two things. Either the scam artist has convinced you that you will make money, or they have convinced you that they have something more valuable than money.

Examples of “more money” scams include Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, casinos, motivational speakers, and “god will reward your tithe” churches.

Examples of “something more important than your money” scams include : Diet pills, Diet Coke, hair restoration creams, match making services, churches, and the newest American scam…..The Rapture.

There are dozens of websites that claim to know a date when the rapture will occur. These are the scam artists, or simply followers of scam artists who don’t know any better so they are unwittingly promoting the scam. Now I have always had an issue with those who claim that there is a rapture coming. It is one of the most hateful things you can say to another human being. In essence they are saying that the earth is ending, they are being rescued and you are left behind to burn.

If you ask a Christian about this they will tell you that it is not hateful. They want you to come. They want you to avoid the horror.

Yeah…..ok…….what about the other six billion people? Didn’t think once about them did you?

But beyond the hate crime that is spoken every Sunday by churches around the world, those who have put a date on the rapture have taken the criminal activity to a whole new level.

The addition of the date to the rapture myth is critical to the scam artist. Without a date, people are not emotionally separated from their wealth. If the rapture is some unknown date in the future, a person will hold on to their money to make sure they live comfortably until then. But if you have a date, then the entire Bible is on your side. It screams in verse after verse to let go of everything when the rapture comes. It says that everything is worthless and the world will pass away.


That is exactly what the scam artists need. Today thousands of Americans are selling their homes or simply abandoning their homes, and going out on caravans waiting for May 21st. That is the official day the scam artists say that the world will end. Others who stay in their homes are giving unprecedented amounts of cash to the church to buy away their guilt for holding on to their homes.

All this money is going into the hands of a few people who dreamed this whole scam up.

With only a little bit of logic, the victims of this scam could save themselves alot of heartache and embarrassment. Putting a date on the rapture, even if it were true, is impossible. The Bible was written in a time where there was only one day and one night. Most of the world was unknown to the writers of the Bible. Not only did they believe it was flat. They also believed that everyone on the earth had the same morning and the same evening.

Lets say that the official prediction of the rapture is indeed May 21st. That would be May 21st Israel time. If it is 12:01am in Israel, then it is still the 20th in America. If it is 5pm in Israel, then it is the 22nd in China. The key is ….. There IS NO DAY ON WHICH THE RAPTURE CAN HAPPEN. Any day, any time, any time zone. It doesn’t matter. Somewhere in the world it is a different day.


Stupid Christians.

Itia (Abroad)

  1. Cocopea
    March 26, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Hi there,

    I’m a Christian (Christ Follower), and I totally believe in a Pre-Trib Rapture, but I do however agree with you that many take advantage of Christians or so-called Christians in many ways. That is why it’s best not to follow “man” or “religion”, but to follow Jesus Christ and trust in Him. To know God for yourself, and not from what others say.

    I also agree that the date of the Rapture will stretch across many time zones (3 days), and so I see the Rapture more as an event. The day (dates) will only be significant to those left behind.

    Thanks for sharing your point of view!

    God Bless!

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