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China must step up efforts against Church Invasion

When countries like China and the United States grow to their current size and power, they no longer need to worry about enemies from outside their borders. Their main problem is invasions against their way of life from within their borders.

Recently the United States has stumbled from an invasion by private bankers. The United States currency has taken a severe hit against its credit rating from bankers who used the newly adopted financial freedom rules to sell worthless loans in the trillions of dollars, as well as create foolish products like Credit Default Swaps and other derivative investments.

China has been smarter with their currency, but is facing a similar invasion from individuals who seek to destabilize the nation from within. For China the problem is religion. Just as the bankers in America took advantage of newly formed financial liberties, International churches are taking advantage of newly formed religious freedoms in China.

Churches and bankers are not separated by much in their common goals. Both groups of people seek gain power and wealth from the societies that they leach from. A church is a separatist group. It teaches that its members are superior and that the rest of society is doomed for eternal punishment. A church seeks to gain financial wealth through coercion of donations from its members until a few people at the top hold all the power and wealth.

Throughout history the world is littered with the rise and fall of religions. Religion gains power, forces submission, and eventually pushes to the point of revolt by the people. China, right now, has the rare benefit of being a country that is unhindered by religion. Its people are steeped in nationalism. That is why China has the greatest investments in infrastructure development and societal development on the planet. All other nations with church based governments see their revenue disappear into the churches and to support “holy wars”. The closest America came to this type of nationalistic society was right after World War II. That was known as the “golden age” because Americans believed in America and not in some mythological god. Since then, America has been seduced by religion to the point at which America now has a weak and old infrastructure that is no longer in the top 10 of the world, and is fighting three separate wars based on religious beliefs.

In a recent article by Fox News about the Beijing Police Halting an Unapproved Church Service, it is apparent that the churches in China are becoming more and more forceful in their methods for suckering in new believers / financial supporters. Their sales pitch is simple…”Believe and become a member, or burn in hell for all eternity.”. To become a member only takes a few words. The bait and switch from there is the pressure to financially support the church where the funds go towards a few powerful people at the top.

In that article it estimated that while 20 million people are registered under China’s law as being Christian, there are actually 60 million members in these churches. The amount of money being funneled from these Chinese people to the few hidden powerful leaders of the churches is mind boggling. There is no better Ponzi scheme in existence. In a church, there is no return on investment. The investment is a complete lie based on a return in the afterlife.

China is in great danger of seeing a revolt in the near future from these religious power brokers. Their followers will die for them. The lure of a good afterlife is too great. Their believers are completely sold and submissive. They will commit atrocities against their own people just as the believers of Islam do in the Middle East, the believers of Christ do in America, and the believers in countless other religions did throughout time in Europe and the West.

China needs to step up their education about religion to their citizens. They need to educate Chinese on the history of the church, the fraud and violence committed by the church, and the danger in allowing the religious Ponzi scheme to thrive in China. China has the best societal momentum on the planet. They need to keep leaches like religion from halting the progress of their society. Religion will always hide behind the cloak of freedom, but this is not an issue of freedom. Religion is slavery. China must work harder to keep its people out of the slavery of religious foolishness.

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