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Education is China’s key to stopping religious insanity

China is facing a serious problem with the invasion of countless churches hoping to cash in on the solid economic growth of the Chinese society. With church memberships falling throughout the west, churches are seeking new methods and new markets to keep the cash flowing.

In the west, churches are migrating towards extremist teachings to keep their membership up. They preach about “end times” and “tribulation” in order to get donations. The extremist tactics only last one generation. As the youth see the wasted lives of their parents who believed in such nonsense, they are more reluctant to fall for the same tricks and tend to stay away from churches.

Because of this churches see long term decline in their numbers so they are seeking new and “untapped” markets. They have had enormous success in places like the Philippines and Indonesia and now are seeking to cash in on China.

Churches in China are able to leverage the Chinese love for all things American. They can simply infer that the success and wealth of the Americans is due to their belief in a god. The seduction of wealth in this lifetime and an eternity of bliss in the afterlife is a hard drug combination to deny. Once Chinese buy into the belief, it is even harder to kick the habit. Western churches have already seduced over 60 million people in China to join. They have effectively replaced their American market and see a bright and profitable future on the backs of Chinese who simply want to be like an American.

China has to move quickly. There has never been a more potent scam seeking to steal money from the Chinese people than the invasion of the Western churches. It is not the belief in the afterlife that is criminal. It is the flow of donations and pressure to donate that is criminal. Here are the best methods for stopping the scam.

1) Outlaw any donations to churches. If indeed churches are holy and divine, then money is not important. A church and indeed any religion should operate without cash. The amount of pressure that can be put on a human being to give away their wealth when an eternal afterlife is leveraged is incredible. China needs to keep its citizens safe from that type of pressure from scam artists.

2) Educate the public on the history of the church. China has great public service ads on television. Its time to teach all Chinese about the history of western religions. Teach about the dark ages of Europe caused by the church. Teach about the genocide in the middle east caused by the church. Teach about the wars in Iraq and Israel caused by the church. Then teach about the fact that western religion is a plagiarism of Egyptian religion and not a unique belief system at all. Teach that the wealthiest Americans do not have a religious background, that none of the fortune 500 companies have anything to do with religion.

In short, Christianity, in all its sects and denominations, is a scam. It is moving quickly to gain a financial foothold in China because of its failing memberships in America and Europe. It is using a simple lie about American prosperity being tied to Christian beliefs as a method to gain believers. If China breaks the cash flow of the churches, they will look elsewhere for money. If China exposes the history of Christianity and other western religions, Chinese will be less likely to fall for the scam.

Make no mistake. Once a Chinese becomes a Christian, they are no longer interested in the future of China. They are completely submissive and obedient to the church. This is the danger China faces.

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