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The Greatest Ponzi Scheme Ever

This is the greatest Ponzi scheme ever. You can generate unlimited income and to this day no one has ever gone to jail who ran this scheme.

First you need some startup capital. This must be in the form of gold. With this gold you issue certificates against the gold. People buy the certificates because you show them the gold and they know they are safe. Once you get all the money for the gold, buy more gold. Sell more certificates for that gold.

Once you have enough gold, you can tell people that the risk is too high and they can no longer see the gold. All they may know is the location of the gold. Make the location of the gold a very secure and high profile place. This way people forget to think about how much gold is keeping their investment safe and focus on the security of the gold.

All of this is easy. This is not yet a Ponzi scheme. Currently you are 100% honest with your investors. They are 100% backed by gold.

Now is when you start the scheme. The gold is hidden. You keep selling certificates. Because you have been so honest and fair in the past people will keep buying the certificates thinking that you are still doing honest business.

You can leverage this up to 10 times without even the best financial detectives figuring out you are leveraged. The secret is to still buy gold, but also to sell gold through other entities. They see you buying the gold and think that your pile of gold is growing every day. In truth you are selling even more than you are buying. Your pile is shrinking.

If you are really good with this scheme you can fool an entire nation. If you achieve this then you can simply go public with the fact that you are no longer backing your certificates with gold, but rather you credit worthiness. Obviously you are the most credit worthy business in the country, right? After all, everyone has your certificates.

Once this announcement is made you can sell all the gold and cash out completely. But that’s not all, you can keep selling certificates on your credit for 20 to 50 years before everyone finally gets the point that you can never possibly pay back the debt. But what can they do at this point? They are so financially linked to you that you are actually considered part of the country and not an individual business.

What is the name of this Ponzi Scheme? “The Federal Reserve” Not a part of the American government, but rather a group of private bankers who have pulled of the greatest Ponzi scheme of all time.

America is now at the last stage of the scheme. Everyone realizes that there is no way to recover from the debt and that there is no asset to back the paper. All the US government has to do is say “no” to servicing the debt and every holder of a US dollar is out 100% of the value. There is no asset to liquidate to cover the certificate.

This is why every wealthy person is liquidating their US cash and taking as large a stake in corporations and commodities as possible.

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