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Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump and Fox News to Blame for Storm Deaths.

Yes, of course this headline is not accurate. But it is a perfect reflection of the idiotic headline grabbing statements of Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News about Global Warming.

It seems that whenever it snows Trump, Limbaugh and the morons at Fox News all shout in chorus that Global Warming is a joke.

Trump makes fun of Al Gore to get moron votes

Limbaugh makes fun of Earth Day to get moron listeners

Fox News just making more “entertainment” for its moron audience.

They know they are safe in their accusations because whenever violent storms, like the ones this week happen (DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING AND POLLUTION) they can always claim that god is mad or that the end of the world is coming. After all the same morons that think that Global Warming is a hoax are the ones that think that the end of the world is coming and that some ancient myth is returning to earth to save a few idiots.

Here is the truth about storms and their violence. The more particulates in the air, the more moisture can condense at one time. Thus more rain. The warmer the air is in the trough of warm vs cold air from the upper atmosphere, the more violent the storm.

Global Warming isn’t just happening…it has already happened.

Contamination of our air with pollution particles isn’t a problem that is about to happen, it has already reached critical levels.

Welcome to the new era of storm violence. Welcome to the new level of damaging wind speeds and amount of rain that falls in short periods of time. This is the world we created. Maybe if morons like Rush and Donald, and the idiots at Fox News would turn their small brains towards how to protect lives against the new levels of storm violence instead of telling everyone that its not really happening, just maybe we could have extended some of the lives of the people who will die this week.

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