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Close the Federal Reserve Bank down NOW

The New York Times published an article yesterday backing the idea of the Federal Reserve. The author, ROGER LOWENSTEIN, tried his best to make an argument for the importance and legitimacy of the FED. The logic is awful. It sounded exactly like the arguments for weapons of mass destruction right before we invaded Iraq.

In the days of legal slavery in the United States there was actually a debate on abolition. Some incredibly foolish people stood up and said that blacks were unable to govern themselves and needed masters. History now reflects on them as the fools and bigots of history. History will be as equally unkind to Mr. Lowenstein. The anti-abolitionist writers of the past, without exception, had a financial reason to back the continuation of slavery. I am certain that there is some link between Mr. Lowenstein and our masters at the Federal Reserve that caused him to publish such a weak argument in favor of our banking masters.

Mr. Lowenstein used the old and completely discredited statement that the Federal Reserve was founded by our country and serves as a moderating force against financial catastrophes. We all know that the Federal Reserve was founded on a document that was written by bankers, NOT congress. We know that those who crafted that document paid great sums to get President Wilson elected and that President Wilson later told us how great a mistake it was to take their money and to create the Fed. We know that there were multiple times before this that the bankers had tried to hijack our currency but failed. Finally, we know that there have been more “financial catastrophes” since the inception of the Federal Reserve than any time before. So the idea that the FED is an institution that the people wanted, or that it is good for America, is simply insane.

The bottom line is that the FED has profited trillions of dollars from management of US currency. Our money is not our own. We are slaves to the FED. Mr. Lowenstein has some illusion that being servants to bankers who use our own money to make unimaginable sums of money is a good thing. America has always served the FED. The FED has never served America.

So why would Mr. Lowenstein print an article like that? Simple. The FED is nearing the end of its reign on America. Soon we will be masters of our own currency and we will find out just how many decades we have to work to pay back the money that the FED stole from our country. Mr. Lowenstein’s article is propaganda that is seeking to extend the FED’s reign for just a short while longer.

ITIA (Abroad)

  1. May 15, 2011 at 6:15 am

    Hi Steve

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    The other one that I love is 1.) THE AMERICAN DREAM:

  2. May 15, 2011 at 6:16 am

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