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Dafen : A jewel in the Shenzhen Crown

Dafen is in the outskirts of Shenzhen. It is close to a bustling factory town named Buji. I happen to live in Buji now and I visit Dafen often. I have also lived in the New York area and visited New York’s Greenwich Village or SoHo many many times. There is very little difference culturally between Dafen and New York’s art districts. If I wanted the Mona Lisa in New York I could get it from any of the art stores there. If I want it in Dafen, I could get it there too. The only difference in my opinion is that the artists in Dafen have far superior talent than the New York artists.

In addition to exact duplicates of art works, Dafen is also fantastic at placing you in the classic work of art. Dafen takes thousands of orders for classic pieces with the face of westerners who commissioned the painting replacing the faces of the original subjects.

When I went to New York’s art districts, I passed on the copies because the originals were what attracted my attention. The same is true with Dafen. The district is alive with creativity. It is alive with original thought. Each time I go I find myself fascinated by the portrayals of life and landscape. America is a country that is supposed to support and honor creativity and original thought. That is why it troubles me so much when I see the hate articles like the one from MSNBC.

American news outlets pressure the Chinese government to shut down beautiful artists colonies like Dafen

We should be praising China for allowing a district of such free thought to exist. Instead we insist on its closure due to a few extra Mona Lisa’s on the market.

On an interesting side note…..The greatest copying company ever to exist (Walmart) resides just on the outskirts of Dafen. No one is accusing them of copying. Why? They are the kings of “knock off” clothes, tools, sporting goods and food.

If you are visiting Shenzhen, be sure to visit Dafen before the US pressures China to close it down. Dafen is not about “Fake Art”. Dafen is about great art….original art….free speech art. Dafen will give you the best afternoon experiences available in Shenzhen.

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