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JP Morgan tries again to gain power in China

JP Morgan is one of the original authors of the United States Federal Reserve. It is a company built on the single motivation of taking over national currencies and leveraging them until they are worthless.

Since 1913, JP Morgan has made trillions of dollars from leveraging the United States currency. It was given exclusive rights to the currency when it paid to insure the election of Woodrow Wilson. Not only did JP Morgan help to hand craft the legislation for the Federal Reserve, but he also placed his banks as the controlling entities for the whole of the American currency system.

Since 1913, JP Morgan has helped suck the American dream dry. They have leveraged the currency to the brink of collapse and they are now seeking to repeat their unbelievable success in China.

In news today, JP Morgan announced that it would increase its Bonds Team to “help” slow the inflation risk of China. Putting JP Morgan in charge of any bond issuance of a country is like putting a team of rats in charge of the nations storehouse of rice.

No one is better at seducing national currencies into the belief that they are “here to help”, when they are actually here to suck as much of the nations life blood as possible until the nation collapses.

China needs to take a close look at JP Morgans history. China has made some very smart decisions over the past 30 years that has brought its country to the point of taking over the position as the worlds most secure currency and most prosperous nation. That is why JP Morgan is knocking at the door. If China was facing an economic slow down, JP Morgan would be knocking at the door offering high cost investment capital to “stimulate the economy”. If it was a time of war, JP Morgan would be offering “international capital assistance” to help fund the war. Because China is facing a time of inflation due to its dominance in the national currency trading industry, JP Morgan is offering Bond assistance.

The wise choice for China is to lock the door against JP Morgan. Its current actions to increase the reserve requirements of its own banks is the best policy. This is the natural and best way to slow growth and stem inflation. In addition, China is taking more extreme measures like cutting national programs like High Speed Rail, and other investments into its own country that helped bring it to global prominence. While I disagree with cutting national investments, the result of these actions are much less damaging than letting leaches like JP Morgan into the country.

Mark my words. If China allows JP Morgan to handle bond sales, it is only a matter of time before extreme and damaging ideas like America’s QE1 and QE2 creep into the list of ideas to “fix the economy”.

The bottom line is that JP Morgan creates problems in economies and then profits from work to fix the problems. It has been running the scam successfully for over a hundred years. China needs to keep them from pulling this scam on the RMB.

ITIA (Abroad)

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