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Ideologyspeak: What form of government do we have?

I come from the greatest marketing country in the world. The good old USA.

What other country could spend so many trillions of pieces of paper money doing such useless things as war in the Middle East, Military Aid to Columbia, or money to oil companies? No other country will ever be able to claim the success at excess that America has achieved. So much has been wasted and utterly misappropriated that it begs the question……what form of government do we have?

Is America really a democracy? If so that means that all that misappropriation of capital is the fault of the citizens of the country. That means that you voted for aid to oil companies, money for secret CIA prisons around the world, money to attack Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya. It means that you voted and approved , by majority, all of the trillions of dollars spent that we now owe as a nation.

Did that really happen? No, of course it didn’t happen.

So we aren’t a Democracy, so what are we? Welcome to Ideologyspeak 101. The moment you begin to wonder about the classification of the United States of America you run into the intellectual classifications of governments. This long list will insure that you never identify the real ideology of the USA.

Forms of government
List of government types

* Anarchy
* Aristocracy
* Confederation
* Communist state
* Demarchy
* Democracy
o Direct democracy
o Representative democracy
* Despotism
* Dictatorship
o Autocracy
o Despotism
o Military dictatorship
+ Military junta
o Authoritarianism
o Totalitarianism
* Empire
* Fascist state
* Federation
* Feudalism
* Gerontocracy
* Green state
* Interregnum
o Caretaker government
o Interrex
o Provisional government
o Transitional government
* Kleptocracy
* Matriarchy
* Meritocracy
* Minarchism
* Monarchy
o Enlightened absolutism
o Absolute monarchy
o Constitutional monarchy
o Elective monarchy
o Hereditary monarchy
o Regency
* Nation-state
* Oligarchy
* Parliamentary
* Patriarchy
* Plutocracy
* Police state
* Polyarchy
* Presidential
* Puppet state
* Republic
* Socialist state
o Collective leadership
o Soviet Republic
* Supranational union
* Synarchy
* Technocracy
* Thalassocracy
* Theocracy
o Theodemocracy
* Timocracy
* Tribal
o Chiefdom
* Tyranny
* Unitary state
* Welfare state

Maybe that is why we hold on to the term Democracy to describe our country even though it doesn’t really apply. We really don’t know what to call ourselves now. The vision of our forefathers did not materialize. So what are we? We are more of a Corporate Republic , a two party (lose either way) voting platform, and a bank owned currency government.

You won’t find Corporate Republic in the list of Wikipedia forms of government. According to Wikipedia, it is a “theoretical form of government”.

This all begs the question, “What about our identification of other countries?”. We say China is a communist country. I live in China currently, and I see nothing of the textbook definition of communism here. I see voting. I see people speaking their minds. I see capitalism that rivals the USA in the 1950’s and 1980’s. So what is China? Socialist? Capitalist?

The truth is that definitions of forms of government are all marketing ploys. No government can be placed firmly into any definition of government because too much of government happens under the table and behind closed doors. The only thing you can be sure of is that no where on this planet is a vote actually valuable. It is all a scam to pacify you. Sorry for the bad news. The good news is that over most of the planet, with the exception of the radical religious states like Islamic and Catholic nations, you have the opportunity for happiness and success.

Just remember. Our country is not as it appears and none of the other countries are exactly as we label them. The world is changing to fast to have labels for forms of government. Now it is all a matter of how well the government serves its people. That is what I am worried about when it comes to my country. That is what I am interested in when I watch the actions of countries like China.

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