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Goldman Sachs : How to lose a billion dollars fast.

So you have just made a billion dollars.

You think that you are set for life. With a billion dollars you could live the rest of your life in a casino, bet 24 hours a day, and still not lose all your money. The interest from the money in any bank account would be enough to cover your gambling loss.

So how do you lose a billion dollars fast? Simple. Let Goldman Sachs handle your investment.

Just ask Libya:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Goldman Sachs managed $1.3 billion worth of trades in currencies and other investments for the Libyan Investment Authority in 2008, according to a report published Tuesday.

After those investments lost nearly all of their value in the market turmoil of 2009, Goldman offered Libya the chance to become one of its biggest stakeholders, according to the Wall Street Journal. ”

This article is funny and scary on so many levels. First of all, it is simply amazing that an investment house can squander a 1.3 billion dollar fortune in less than a year. That takes real talent. It is not a mistake that the money disappeared. It is not bad judgment on the part of Gold man Sachs. It is pure and direct financial rape of an investor. Goldman Sachs knew that Libya was an “outlaw” country and that it had no recourse if Goldman stole its money. Goldman’s only problem was to figure out how to steal it all before instability returned to Libya. Goldman knew that the window of international acceptance of Libya would shut any day. A conspiracy theorist may even claim that they had something to do with opening the window in the first place. What is for sure is that Goldman Sachs did an excellent job of raping the investment in less than 24 months to complete and utter worthlessness. Libya still had paperwork for all the investments, and was owner of the paper that was now worth zero dollars. Everything was done with utmost precision.

Lybia was furious. They started to create international news over the mismanagement of their funds. How did Goldman Sachs respond? They offered a partnership. So why the offer of a “partnership”? Simple. It was a request to rape Libya again. With a sad face and a bucket load of apologies, Goldman Sachs went to Libyan officials to apologize for losing 1.3 billion of the Libyan peoples money. As a offering of apology, Goldman offered a partnership that would also have become worthless as the government fell out of favor with the international community OR if the government was overthrown.

Two things you can be sure of about Goldman Sachs.

1) You money is only safe if they think that keeping it safe is the best way to earn more money from you.
2) No gift or settlement by Goldman Sachs is EVER a benefit to you.

We will never know if the attacks on Libya or if the original unrest is a way of closing this deal. You can be certain that Gadhafi has no time now to pressure Goldman for repayment and the International community that is now freezing assets of Gadhafi around the world has nothing to freeze at Goldman’s. It has all been stolen.

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