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America : The end of the game of Monopoly

If you have ever played monopoly, you know that it is a rush for gold from the first roll of the dice, followed by hours of mass consumption and leveraging. A constant rolling of the dice, negotiations for swapping of assets, and collection of payments, all with one goal. Win EVERYTHING.

All the CASH:


Pretty soon, all of the unlucky players (anyone who plays monopoly knows that luck is 90% of the game and skill is only 10%), are left on the sidelines to watch the last few players fight it out. The unlucky players continue to go around the board, passing GO, but already knowing that their fate is sealed. They have no hope of winning. Every new roll of the dice is one step closer to bankruptcy.

Welcome to 2011. Monopoly is the ultimate metaphor for America. It is so strange that one of the most loved board games of our country is a roadmap for the history and future of our country.

Right now we are in the phase where there are a few players left and the rest of us are just watching. Every property has hotels. The days of houses is gone. Every roll of the dice is now worth millions, not just the $2 – $50 listed on the property deed. The remaining players are locked into their monopolies and are simply rolling the dice to see who has the last little bit of luck.

In the end there is going to be one last bankruptcy that ends the game. We are experiencing ever larger financial disasters that effect more and more people. This is the way Monopoly is played. Soon there will be an event that makes the board so one sided that there is only one player left. One large organization that has monopolized everything.

That is the end of the game. That is when everything becomes worthless. No one is excited about the Monopoly money anymore. No one is interested in rolling the dice or investing time into the game. Everything is put back into the box and everyone goes to do something else interesting.

You have seen it. You have seen the interest level diminishing. No one thinks they have a chance to win anymore so they are looking to play elsewhere. There are other games going on in the world right now that are much more interesting than American Monopoly. Games like Euro Socialism or Sino Socialism. Even violent games like Islam fundamentalism or dictatorship Risk.

In the end, people will put away American Monopoly and it will stay in the closet catching dust with the “shoots and ladders”, and “candyland” that we also put away when we outgrew them.

American Monopoly is not a fun game after a few times playing, just like Monopoly is not fun after a few times playing. There are much better things to put your few short hours of life towards than Monopoly. Pure greed based capitalism is a game that is built for the young and stupid. Those who are easily drawn into addictions. The future is a capitalistic society with a frame of responsibility for those things that people need to live and thrive. Greed and financial tyranny left to those industries which are not vital to human existence.

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