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Israel : Flotilla to Hell

The flotilla to Israel is as necessary and imortant as a march in East St. Louis, USA

East St. Louis is the armpit of America.   Israel is the armpit of the world.  At one time America was concerned and actively trying to “save East St.Louis”.   Now America has lost interest.  We have moved on to the upkeep and improvement of other “important” cities and we have let East St. Louis rot.   It has now been 53 years since East St. Louis was named “All American City”.  Fifty three years of rotting and lawlessness.  Infested by gangs, with constant violence and murder.

But you don’t hear about it in the news.  It is not important.  It is not part of the America that anyone outside of Southern Illinois even knows about.

That is the future for Israel.

10,000 years ago, when the families who now represent Judaism and Islam first began fighting, the land of Palestine was a garden of fantastic beauty.   It was one of the easiest places to live on the planet.   Warm, but full of water.   Lots of sunshine and an abundance of vegitation.

Over the past 10,000 years, the prevailing winds have changed.   The entire north African area has become a desert.  The remnants of these two violent families now huddle around the few remaining rivers and the seas to provide them with food for survival.  Israel, Palestine, and all of North Africa are now considered the armpit of the world, just like East St. Louis is considered the armpit of America.

In one of the greatest blunders in history, England and the United States decided to move the Jews from war torn Europe into Palestine.  This was the easy solution of how to handle the displaced Jews, rather than repatriate them to their original countries.   At the time,  America viewed this decision in the same light as the movement of the American Indians to reservations.  Palestine was already the armpit of the world.  It seemed like the perfect solution…..until we realized that oil wold rule the world.

In addition to the problem of creation of the Jewish state, no one realized that the traumatized Jews would begin to mimic the actions of their former Nazi abusers.   It is a well know fact that abused tend to become abusers.  Israel is a textbook example of what happens when a whole group of people is abused and then placed in a position of power. …naturally, they become abusers.

So now we are at the point of exasperation.  Those healthy individuals who understand the abuse mentality of Israel, and are powerless to stop the abuse, have moved towards campaigns to create global awareness of the activities of the Jewish State.

Welcome to the Flotilla to Hell.



Taking a boat from the beautiful countryside of Greece or Italy, and sailing towards the armpit of the world in order to raise awareness is indeed a courageous act.   But it is completely worthless.   The world knows about the Jewish abuse of Palestinians.   It just doesn’t care.   Everyone knows that nothing is  going to happen until America reaches a point at which it needs to rebuild its own country instead of funding and protecting Israel.    America is run by Jewish bankers, so this step will not take place until the collapse of the American dollar.

Take heart Flotilla members.   This day is not too far away.  The American Bankers have already bankrupted the American society.  The world is actively seeking a replacement as the “gold standard” of investment.   Everyone knows the American dollar is worthless.  It is just a matter of finding a replacement.

The American bankers are pinning all their hopes on the world not finding a suitable replacement.   China has already proved itself to be more stable.  India is showing itself to be an up and coming economy.  Even the EU is showing more stability than the US.   The day is quickly coming where the International dollars will dry up and America will begin to ignore everything but its own problems.

This is the day that Israel fears and Palestinians dream about.  When America puts itself first again and the incredibly strong Americans begin to rebuild the nation that the bankers tore apart, then the war between Islam and Judaism can begin again.

Bombs and guns, maybe even a nuclear exchange may occur in the Middle East, but no one will care.  Everyone sees north Africa as the armpit of the world and war doesn’t make it look any uglier.   The only thing that will come of the future fighting in Israel is the knowledge that both Judaism and Islam are dangerous superstitions that need to be placed in the fiction section of the library……just next to Zeus and the other gods that had their era’s of violence and seperation, but are now powerless stories.

My advice to the Flotilla and Fly-in Flotilla members.  Enjoy life and understand the future.  Teach your children to watch for what is coming.   Help create the next generation in a

Itia (Abroad)

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