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God Does Not Exist? Look In The Mirror!

If you want absolute proof that a god does not exist, simply look in the mirror.

This is not a contrite statement, this is one of the simplest logical experiments to help you break your cultural dependence on a supreme being and help you become a citizen of the world.

Look in the mirror.  Remember looking in the mirror throughout your life.   As a young person, remember the first time you realized your imperfections.  Was it an ugly nose, eyes that were too narrow, or teeth that were not straight?   Was your skin marked with pimples, your hair too thin, or your ears too large for your face?   Was it a huge hips, huge feet, no breasts or huge breasts?    What was it that caused others to tease you growing up?

(If you are one of the genetically perfect humans, then look in the mirror and see your addictive personality or the abuse that came because you are so beautiful)

The point is that we are all the results of a pull on the arm of a genetic slot machine with millions of wheels.   Every feature of our body and many tendencies of our minds are controlled by the outcome of the wheels.  There is nothing kind, benevolent, or any vague resemblance of careful thought in the outcome.  It is all a result of the history of environmental influences of your bloodline.

From a scientific viewpoint, the results of the genetic slot machine are wonderful and fascinating to study.  Some of your physical features are results of the traumatic time periods your ancestors went through.  Other features are manifestations of long discarded genetic features that were helpful at one time, but later deemed “unattractive”.

Here is the key proof that the god you believe in does not exist.  Take an account of the statements of the bible.

1)  Created in his image :  Genesis 1:27

2)  He made everything beautiful in its own time : Ecclesiastes 3:11

3)  I was made in secret and sewed together in the depths of the earth.  Your eyes saw me when I was inside the womb. All the days ordained for me were recorded in your scroll before one of them came into existence.  : Psalm 139

4) Even the hairs on your head are numbered : Matthew 10:30

Every bible scholar and believer will tell you that you were carefully and thoughtfully made.  THIS IS WHERE THE TRIP OVER THEMSELVES.

The wonder of evolution is that the genetic mutations and the randomness of the genetic pool have given each one of us traits or physical features that have caused us pain and anxiety.

From a physical feature that brings on the relentless teasing of other children, to the genetic error that brings on a life of physical pain, to the genetic weakness that makes you sick again and again.   These are all evidence that life is either random OR that there is a supreme being who is a supreme sadist.

Think about it.  There is no reason for giving a child an odd feature that other children tease.  It destroys the person before they ever reach adulthood.  There is no “future benefit”.   If there is a circumstance in the future where that oddity or mutation is beneficial then that is strictly a coincidence.   The thought that it was put there on purpose , and the child had to endure the torture growing up so that this one event could take place is the most masochistic reasoning on earth.

If you take the time to study genetics and evolution, you will begin to realize that life is both terrible and wonderful.   We have so few years in existence.  Some of us only have lives of unending abuse or pain.  Others have lives of relative ease and pleasure.

Our society as we know it is a result of our primitive minds trying to cope with our existence.   There is nothing supernatural or divine about our society and the way we perceive life.   Even the best minds in the world have to deal with superstition and the knowledge of mortality.

It is easy to understand why people believe in a god.  It is just as easy to understand why people do not like the number 13 , or love the number 8.   Even our prejudices can be boiled down to pure superstition that was taught to us at a young age.

Look in the mirror and understand that the features of your body are proof that you are a random result of millions of variables from your ancestors.    Every possible outcome is living on earth now.  People with tails.   People with both sexual organs.   People with 6 toes, and some with no toes.   Every outcome is here.   If there were a god or ANYONE in control, then ALL of these mutations would not exist.

So why make this argument?  Simple.  Our belief in a god is causing all the wars and prejudices in our society.  It is not until we all understand that we are given a short existence and we need to make the best of it for ourselves and for every other living being that we become human instead of animals.

Itia (abroad)


  1. Udaybhanu Chitrakar
    September 2, 2011 at 9:02 am

    Some people believe that there is a God who is eternal. Some people believe that there are eternal laws of science.
    In whichever way belief is defended, belief remains a belief.
    One belief-system (God) has been merely replaced by another belief-system (laws of science).

    A joke:

    In olden-golden days the saying was: When there was nothing, there was God. When there will be nothing again, there will still be God.
    But then came the scientists and changed everything. The above saying also changed to this: When there was nothing, there were quantum laws. When there will be nothing again, there will still be quantum laws.
    These quantum laws are spaceless, timeless, changeless, all-pervading, eternal, unborn, uncreated and immaterial. Only that these laws lack consciousness. In every other respect they are just like God.
    These quantum laws are spaceless, timeless and immaterial, because when there was no space, no time and no matter, there were still these quantum laws. (Alexander Vilenkin’s model)
    These quantum laws are all-pervading, because these laws act equally everywhere.
    These quantum laws are scientists’ God.

    N.B. Scientists will have a nervous break-down if some day they come to know that quantum laws are not eternal.

    • September 2, 2011 at 4:52 pm

      Very Poetic. You are passionate about your belief.

      A joke:

      Before God there was just humans living short wonderful lives under the skies. After God humans found reasons to think they are better than one another, and to kill one another. After we kill the idea of a God, we will once again be peaceful humans living short wonderful lives under the skies.

      The true benefit of science is that our short , wonderful lives will be a little longer, and we will be able to understand more facts and reality, and less fear and myths.

      Religion has brought us the horrors of life. Science only brings the wonders of life.

      Disproving every current “god” that is worshiped on this planet is relatively easy. Making the scared followers of these “gods” understand the truth is difficult. Once you drop your religion, you will feel the wonderful comfort of communion with those who take responsibility for their statements, and compile beliefs on the strong foundation of facts.

      I love science. Religion, to me, is just irresponsible. I am always amazed by the committment of people like you. I do admire that commitment, but it is also the same commitment that drives you to kill each other.


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