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China : World’s NEW Benchmark of Stability.

America has hit its imaginary debt ceiling. Now the bankers backing Congress are pushing to see if they can extend the debt based spending party of America for another decade. The true stability of the United States was taken away in 1913. Several financial catastrophies later, shortly after Kennedy was assassinated the debt structure of the country became a crazy leveraging of a bank owned currency.

For much of the last 50 years, bankers have used the mainstream american news agencies to either spread lies about the leverage of the American currency or about the stability and growth of foreign countries. The transparency of those lies are now evident to some of the American public, but as a whole the news agencies are still pumping out the propoganda in support of the bank owned currency (USD).

On July 6th, Forbes Magazine published the article “How China Will Crash And Burn“, and The City AM published the article “China’s economy looks to be on shaky ground

These are two great examples of writers pumping unfounded crap into the mainstream news readers minds. China will never have a conflict like the Obama – Boehner fight. The China RMB is owned by the government, not by banks. In fact, China will never face the types of financial pressures of America, because of the way China handles a crisis.

The greatest of all examples of this is the “One Child Policy”. We in America only hear about the horrors of this law in China, and have never been smart enough to really consider the effects. In fact, this law helped save the American way of life. Consider just for a moment that China did not enact this law. Instead of halting their population at 1.3 billion people, they just let it grow, unchecked.

Instead of matching the India growth rate of 50% or more over the past 30 years, China’s population has remained stable. Now just imagine if they did nothing and we had an additional 1 billion people on this planet. It is quite possible that we would be beyond the food producing capability of our current agriculture systems. Instead of 40 years of stocked grocery stores in the US, what if China was buying all of the food we normally import for its own population?

No one in the US has ever considered how the “One Child” policy has effected our lives in America. Additionally, we do know or try to understand how this societal management has created such a seemingly solid foundation to a country that is flourishing beyond all predictions.

Like this example, it is lack of knowledge by Americans of the true policies and management of societies outside their own country (and indeed ignorance of their own political process) that causes them to accept ridiculous articles like the ones listed above.

China MANAGES its difficult times and does so with the common interest of the slow and continued growth and prosperity of its people. In news today, “China looks into ‘one-child’ policy ” China once again proved that it looks to keep control of the balance of the population BEFORE a crisis occurs. In the one child policy, an obvious imbalance between male and female children has occurred. Now China will remedy that with easing the policy with regard to having more female children.

In the end, it is the tough choices like the “one child policy”, that will both scrutiny and anger by closed minded people, but also ensure the long term stability of your society. China has this type of policy making and “actions” down to a science. Unfortunately America has lost most, if not all of its incredible ability to shape its own destiny. That is why China is the new benchmark of stability int he world. That is why the RMB will continue its march upwards in valuation, and that is why you should ignore the mindless rantings of mainstream American news outlets. Their stories should only serve to teach you again and again that they write on behalf of their owners (banks), and not for the American people.

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