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The Debt Limit: American Emotions Move Towards Hatred

Over the past few elections we have seen voter revolt in several forms. The GOP was ousted from power after Bush completely wrecked the nations financial outlook. Then after Obama took office and did nothing for two years, the midterm elections saw the rise of the “Tea Party Movement”.

With the latest Tea Party solution called “Cut, Cap and Balance”, we have more proof that no matter how things change, they always stay the same in American politics.

Everyone can agree that President Bush put loopholes and tax benefits for the richest of the rich Americans. Those rape scars are still in the tax code. For the Tea Party to completely ignore them is strong evidence that the same corporate criminals behind the GOP are pulling the strings of the Tea Party.

The Tea Party does not stop government spending in the radical way that their party seems to tout as their strength. The debt limit is still increased. The spending still goes on.

Don’t let the Democrats out of this hate festival. They had two years of complete power and did NOTHING with it. The old Republican saying about Democrats just spending and not being able to control a budget is showing to be true. Obama had the chance to keep campaign promises about ending wars and rebuilding America, but he has (for some unknown reason) sided with the corporate criminals and kept the war money machine operating.

So what is the mood in America? The polls are asking about American’s feelings towards the debt limits and towards the parties participation, but lets get down to the nitty gritty. Lets see the polls about government confidence. Lets see the polls about the belief in our government system operating as it was intended by our constitution. Lets see polls from Americans about Love, Like, or Hate emotions towards their representatives.

Those polls would unanimously show that Americans have become completely disillusioned with the processes of the American Government. Without exception, EVERYTHING is being done incorrectly. EVERYTHING is being abused. The polls would show that Americans hate their representatives. We want a divorce from those in power.

Simply put, the American government has been spending our money on wars and foreign governments and ignoring our people, our communities, and our infrastructure. The debt ceiling has been reached because we are spending trillions of dollars on wars that mean NOTHING. Because of the current processes, there is nothing we can to do reverse this trend. There is no more investing in America. There is no more rebuilding plan because all the money is allocated outside of our borders in the form of interest payments, military support, war, and corrupt aid programs.

We can stop arguing now. There is nothing left to argue about. The monopoly is complete. The game of “America of the people, by the people” is no longer being played.

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