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China makes same mistake about Christianity Again!

Over the past few years, China has been showing more and more leniency towards Christianity. Now you can even see crosses on top of some of the churches that have popped up around China. It seems as if China has completely forgotten about the Boxer Revolution.

The good news is that most Chinese people still do not know the meaning of the crosses on these buildings. The bad news is that these crosses represent a sickness that has returned. It represents the fact that Chinese leadership have completely forgotten about the scars from Christianity in its past.

It was just over 100 years ago that China was being invaded by Christianity. I use the word “invaded” because the Christians were stealing property and strong arming their way into the country. The activities of the Christian church were so vile and aggressive that it actually caused the peasants to revolt.

In the famous “Boxer Revolution”, the peasants of northern China stood up against the Christians. They took back the land that the Christians had stolen. They pushed the Christians back to a small area in China where they were told to leave the country.

In a show of true humanity, the peasants did not murder the Christians, they simply tried to force them out of their country. They had had enough of the barbarian nature of Christians and wanted them to leave their country. The revolutionists called themselves, “Righteous Harmony Society Movement”. All they wanted was to have their country returned to the peaceful lifestyles where the individual was given power, not the leaders of a religion.

How did the Christians respond? They pulled from their power base in 8 “christian dominated” countries, brought 20,000 troops from those countries with advanced weaponry and slaughtered the revolutionists.

Then in a final act of abuse, the Christians demanded 67 Million pounds of silver from the Chinese as payment for not liking Christianity. The treaty , known in the west as the Boxer Protocol , and in China as the Xinchou Treaty, is the greatest piece of evidence we have of the brutality of Christianity. This one sided treaty shows the true nature of Christianity. After China showed mercy to the Christians by not slaughtering them, the Christians replied by slaughtering Chinese and enslaving them with a brutal treaty.

So the question today is , WHY? Why would the government of the People of China allow these terrorists back into the country? These same people stole property, bullied societies, demanded obedience to their religion, then after being asked to leave, they slaughtered Chinese and enslaved them.

Why is China allowing the same sickness to creep back into their society? Most young Chinese do not even know about the Boxer Revolution. They don’t know how brutal Christians can be. It is up to the government to protect the Chinese people from this sickness.

As I stated in previous blogs….Christianity is the greatest enemy of China that the Chinese government faces in these times.

Itia (Abroad)

  1. March 22, 2013 at 7:57 am

    I agree that Christianity is an enemy of China. I have a great affinity for their ancient civilisation and would like to see it preserved. Christianity is eroding it away, because modern Chinese people are gullible and listen to whatever a white man will say. White people, mostly Americans are active in China using this charm to lure people away from their civilisation, and to betray it.

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