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The Debt Ceiling, Wall Street and Clue

Take a country with trillions of dollars in assets bet on bonds, stocks and swaps.

Add an imaginary debt limit that has been raised dozens of times in the past without making the mainstream news front page.

Add a rating company that has been proven fraudulent.

What do you have? You have a perfect scam to steal billions of dollars legally from the American financial markets and the largest game of CLUE in history.

The Federal Reserve bankers are already guaranteed a win. They know the outcome. They know which markets they will manipulate the most and which markets they will leave alone. The rest of us are left to guess their strategy in order to save our own skins.

In a Wall Street Journal Article released today entitled : Wall Street Set to Act on Default, But How? , they revealed just how confused the professional are in solving the puzzle of this game.

“We’re still figuring some of it out,” says Mohamed El-Erian, chief executive and co-chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co

“We have been in a defensive posture for most of this year,” and the budget debate hasn’t changed that, said Michael Maloon, a financial adviser in San Ramon, Calif.

So face it. You are part of the dumb money that is going to be shaken down whether you like it or not. You cannot avoid the fallout. It is a rigged game. The markets that are going to be manipulated are written down on a very closely held document, stuffed into a folder, with the rest of us playing CLUE, trying to guess what is in the folder.

Who knows whats in the folder?

The Republican law makers do not know what is in the folder but they are being paid hundreds of millions in campaign funds to push us past the limit so that the bankers can steal the money.

The Democrats don’t know what is in the folder. They are trying to be held accountable when they are really the only ones trying to come up with a logical solution.

Only the bankers who are setting up this game know the contents of the folder. They have paid the rating company to downgrade the USA. They paid them in the past to keep the AAA rating when we didn’t deserve it. Now they are paying them to do the downgrade so they can play “quick grab” with American assets.

Please understand it is all a game. Our government officials are just pawns. We the asset holders and investors in America are the ones who will be robbed.

Itia (abroad)

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