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GOP : New Budget Mistake Reveals True Goals

Actions speak louder than words.

While we have heard their endless soundtrack of “We will not tax the job creators”, what we have seen from them this week is a targeted plan to destroy jobs and further destabilize our economy.

The GOP Republicans have purposefully allowed the laws supporting the FAA to lapse. This means that all improvements to our infrastructure have stopped. This means that many many Americans have lost their jobs. This means that all of us will suffer a little bit more in traveling around our nation.

In a Boston.com report : Dozens of airport construction projects across the country are on hold and thousands of federal employees are not working because Congress failed to pass legislation to keep the Federal Aviation Administration operating, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said yesterday.

Within that story is contained the official Republican statement of : “John Mica, Republican of Florida and chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said there are no negotiations between the House and Senate to resolve the dispute, and House Republican leaders are determined to hold their position”

Why would Republicans purposefully stop rebuilding America? Why would they purposefully destroy thousands of American jobs? Why would they make our transportation system more miserable?

Simple. They think they can win votes if we are more miserable. WE need to realize that the GOP is funded by international corporations that want American to keep spending money on foreign wars and NOT on American infrastructure.

The FAA is just one of a series of tactics to destabilize the country prior to the next elections. This brutal politics is hurting everyone and it needs to be stopped.

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