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Norway Murderer : What is the right punishment?

With the guilt of Anders Behring Breivik not in question, people in every country around the world are talking about the proper punishment.

The punishments for his crime in countries around the world range from immediate death without a trial, to death after a trial, to life in prison, to the Norway limit of 30 years in prison.

You will find that the punishments for murder run parallel to the religious beliefs of each country. Islamic and Christian countries believe in either death or at least a long torturous imprisonment, which also parallels their beliefs in the afterlife. Non-religious, moderate countries may also have the death penalty, but it is rarely used, and prisons are more a method of keeping offenders out of the public, rather than intentional torture.

In American news releases, articles concentrate on the lack of torture and the lack of the death sentence in Norway. How ironic it is that Anders Behring Breivik , a Christian, is benefitting from the moderate laws of Norway’s criminal justice system. In any Christian nation he would be facing death and torture.

The Wall Street Journal asked : Is Accused Norwegian Killer Breivik Headed to a Plush Prison?

USA Today asked : Can Norwegian punishment fit the crime?

Their commentary and line of questioning is reflective of our country’s desire to respond to violence with violence. It is our country’s christianity core that makes us so bent on the idea of inflicting pain on one person as a way of “feeling better about the crime”. It doesn’t have anything to do with deterrence. It is all about the blood lust of the Christian religion. The same blood lust flows through Judaism and Islam.

If you believe that there is a god. If you believe that a god would say that “eternal torture” is justice. If you agree that most of the world deserves eternal torture, then you are exactly the person who wants Breivik tortured. You are exactly the person who agrees with the idea of Guantanamo bay and other “secret” torture prisons of the CIA and the military. You are exactly the person who demanded a response after 9/11 that cost thousands more American lives and trillions of dollars.

You are exactly the problem with this world. Breivik is a horrible person who did a horrible thing. He deserves to be separated from society. Not because it is the proper thing to do to him, but because it is the proper thing for us.

Live in peace. Stop the violence. If you are in favor of violence in any form then you are the catalyst that creates animals like Breivik.

Itia (abroad)

  1. Will
    July 28, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    I’m an atheist.

    I live in Scandinavia.

    I don’t belive capital punishment is justice.

    I don’t believe eternal torture is justise.

    I believe temporal torture is justise.

    Ten years of torture would be fine for Breivik. I would gladly be the the man in charge. I would enjoy turning his smug smile into expressions unimaginable pain and suffering. I would make him sorry for what he did. Because that’s what all the murdered people deserve. They deserve an apology from the man who decided to end their lives.

    • July 28, 2011 at 7:09 pm

      Yes. Feel that way. Anger is appropriate. Have you killed anyone yet? Have you actually tortured someone? Do you know what happens when you are subjected to listening to their screams? Do you know what happens when you watch a life disappear at your hands? You change. You die too. Until you actually torture someone for day after day, or personally kill someone from up close and watch the life dim in their eyes, you cannot know what you are asking of yourself. Why would you advocate another innocent death after these mass murders? I don’t want you to torture him because I care about you more than i care about him. Seperation and silencing from any further publication of hate by any method is the best punishment.

  2. Will
    July 29, 2011 at 8:18 pm


    Ingrid was enthusiastic about going to school next fall.

    But that’s not going to happen. She’ll be spending the fall six feet under inside a casket because a maniac shot her (probably in the head from a point-blank range with dum-dum bullets that split her head open).


    How can you look at these pictures and not want to torture Breivik? What does a luxury prison have to do with justice?

    I don’t think torturing him would feel any different than cutting a christmast turkey. To me, he’s just an evil piece of meet with no traces of humanity in him. You need to put these things into context.

    In the case that no one, including myself could not do it, we could build automated machines to do it for us. It’s really not a problem when you put some scandinavian ingenuity to it. This has nothing to do with religion; this has all to do with justice and punishment proportional to the crime.

    • July 29, 2011 at 9:24 pm


      Every time I see a cross, I really feel for all the people over the last 2000 years who have suffered because of this vile religion.

      Every time I see a church I hurt because I know how many people’s lives it has damaged.

      Every time I see a priest or a preacher, I have to restrain myself. I know that they have sexually abused children, taken advantage of female members and stolen truckloads of money.

      For 2000 years Christians have killed millions by sword, fire, drowning, guns and bombs. No one has a greater reason to be hated than Christians. But there is a difference between hate and violence.

      Your logic is to make them pay. Your logic is to let the hate manifest itself in the form of violence and death.

      I guess I think differently. I won’t kill a christian just because they advocate war and murder. I won’t torture a human just because they were involved in abuse of another human.

      I do protect society. I do agree wtih the seperation of those who would injure us from our society. I even go so far as to not allow them to have any luxuries like TV or computers. BUT I WILL NOT TORTURE. I WILL NOT KILL THEM.

      You use a victims name to stir anger and bring out the aggressive behavior that will torture and kill. Isn’t that the exact thing that the killer did? How are you any different? Oh yes, it’s because you haven’t actually killed or tortured anyone yourself. And once you do, we will have an exact duplicate of the killer in our midst.

      When will we evolve past our violent behavior? When will we all become human?

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