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GOP 2012 : Watch for Homeland “Cyber” Security

We have watched the debt of America rise rapidly since the George W. Bush took office. He established tax loopholes for the extremely wealthy, and the largest “pork barrel” legislation for all of his oil and war related corporations.

The truth is that 9/11 has bankrupted America. Not because of Bin Laden, but because of George W. Bush’s response. The combination 1-2 punches of tax breaks and wars has brought us to this point.

In 2012 we decide our future. Our choices are:

Democrats who do nothing

Tea party members who are just the church in disguise as a political party

and the GOP (Republicans)

Not a very appealing choice. If it was a menu, I would be going to a different restaurant.

The good thing about Republicans is that you can always tell how they plan to rape our country next. There are three places you look for the future plans of the GOP.

1) Look at the companies that the politicians worked for or are funded by in their elections.

2) Look at the companies that the retired politicians are working for now.

3) Look for the new key phrases being used on Fox News.

Lets focus on #3.

“Terrorist” and “axis of evil” are the old standby keywords that replaced the word “hijacker”. In the budget debate “job creators” was used in replace of “rich people”. Now the new term is “Cyber attacks”.

Here are the headlines:

Cyberattacks represent a new arms race era

Pentagon Declares That Cyber-Attacks Can Constitute an Act of War, Deserving an Armed Response

Then at Fox News, with typical “I am going to scare you until you believe” tactics,

U.S. Power Plants at Risk of Cyber Attack

Massive Global Cyberattack Targeting U.S.

These are keywords that are going to be used to scare us in the next election by the GOP. It is not out of a desire to protect the United States, but rather a platform on which they can demand we spend another trillion dollars on useless defenses.

If the GOP is elected in 2012, look for a new “Homeland Security, Cyber Attack Division” that will cost tax payers another trillion dollars.

Note: This is a double edged sword for Americans. The GOP found a way to milk another trillion dollars our of our pockets AND at the same time they found a way to keep their dirty little secrets safe from our eyes. After all, the ones who are in the greatest danger from a “cyber attack” are the politicians themselves. Their past deeds are hidden away in “national security” computers. If the info is show to the public, they lose their last straw of credibility.

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