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The New American Ceiling (More crucial then debt)

It seems that they are searching for anything to get our minds of the true concerns of our country. We all know the buzzwords:

Foreign War
Foreign Dictators
and imaginary Debt Ceilings.

Its time we face the real and true ceiling of our society.

America is based on small business. America is based on the ingenuity and creativity of the individual American. America as we know it does not operate well under the processes of large corporations. In the past the corporations have always been the target of the small individual, fighting them back and making them play fair.

“focus.com — Collectively, America’s largest employer is small business. Small businesses in the U.S. employ more than half of the private workforce in the country and are the primary exporters. Here’s a look at some hard facts about small businesses. ”

Those days are over. Walmart has won. Pfizer has won. Haliburton has won. JP Morgan has won. The days of the small business are history.

Welcome to the new Ceiling in America. It is not a matter of how much our government is in debt. They are acting to keep as many people employed as possible. Our new ceiling is based on our population and nothing else.

With the consolidation of small business into huge corporate conglomerates, and the increased efficiencies they operate under, we are facing a new ceiling. Their efficiencies through outsourcing of manufacturing, and computerizing office functions have created a limit to the number of jobs that can be supported within the current GDP.

We started to feel the pinch back in the 1970’s when we were a little over 200 million people. Now in 2011, we have crested 300 million people.

If you think about it, we have done a relatively good job at keeping as many people employed as possible. Unfortunately, when crunch time came, Bush decided to employ a couple of million people in foreign wars to prevent a depression in our country. That decision only delayed the inevitable. Even if we ignore the loss of life and the brutally stupid decision-making of George W. Bush, the best thing that can be said is we avoided complete collapse for another decade.

Well that time is up. 10% unemployment is 30 million people.

Now that we have crested 300 million people in population there is no way for the large corporate foundation of the current American economy to support any further job growth. We cannot recover the million of jobs that have been cut due to efficiencies, and we cannot hope for our population to shrink.

It will be interesting to see the steps taken by our government to solve this problem. I personally do not see any way out short of curbing the power of the powerful corporations.

A cautious observer : Itia (abroad)

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